Service while traveling outside the USA



If I purchase the Samsung Galaxy J3, will I be able to enable it to work when traveling on vacation to Canada and to Europe?



It will work normally whenever you are connected to adequate WiFi in Canada and elsewhere on the planet. By normally I mean you will be able to call and text numbers in the U.S. and Canada.


Hi @glenny.a0xidg,

Republic Wireless doesn’t offer international cellular coverage. When on unrestricted WiFi, you will, generally, be able to make calls and send text messages to U.S. and Canadian numbers and otherwise use your phone as if you were home.

If you need to make calls to local numbers where you’re traveling, many make use of third party services such as Google Voice, Google Hangouts, Skype or Vonage. I like lesser known and, typically, less expensive service providers paired with a free Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app that can be integrated with a Republic phone’s native dialer. More here: Adding International Calling to Your Republic Phone | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia. Alternatively, you can use an international calling card with a U.S. access number. International calling cards are commonly sold at convenience stores.

Samsung’s Galaxy J3 is a Republic 3.0 phone (unlocked GSM). There is the option of using a local (in country) SIM where you’re traveling. Republic has some guidance here: You would switch between Republic service and local service by swapping SIMs.

The Canadian cellular market is terrible. These folks are about as good as it gets for travelers: Prepaid SIM cards for travellers visiting Canada – Similicious. You’ll find mant reasonable options for local service in Europe. If your European travel includes the UK, I like Three.


I’m assuming that to use the VoIP apps you would need to be connected to Wifi, correct?


Hi @melissae.en2gd3,

Generally, outside the U.S. one would need to be on WiFi to use VoIP apps. If one is traveling with a phone (Republic or otherwise) capable of using local (in country) cellular networks, then VoIP apps may be used on cell data also. While counterintuitive here in the U.S. cell data is often less expensive than talk and text when traveling abroad particularly in Europe.

This is a rather old thread, so this written later may help: International Travel with a Republic Phone.