hello my wife and i live in Omaha NE. I have the moto x 2nd generation and its service is great. My wife has the galaxy s7 and her service isn’t nearly as good. I just read that the s7 can be set up to have the better service in our area. How can i change her phone to that service? Do we need a new sim card or something?

The is no CDMA SIM BYOD to set this up you would need to order a new phone to switch to CDMA like your Moto X 2nd

The stock answer you will get from RW is to submit a help ticket and they will work with you from there.

Hi @charlesc.ovgslk,

@drm186 is correct regarding there not currently being an easy way to convert a phone provisioned for cellular coverage using Republic’s GSM network partner to using coverage provided by Republic’s CDMA network partner. That said, if you purchased your S7 from Republic, Republic would very much like to have a conversation regarding improving your wife’s experience. Please consider raising a help ticket when signed into your Republic account here.

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