Set up new phone as new device

I want to set-up my new phone (Moto G3) like a new device. That is, I don’t want anything to carry over from the previous phone - apps, settings, etc… If I select “Set up as a new device” during the set up process, is this all I need to do?

I am curious, because the RW factory reset information states the following:
Note: For a complete reset, make sure Back up my data and Automatic Restore are set to off if given the option.

If these items are selected on my previous phone, will they automatically be carried over to my new phone upon logging into Google even if I select **“Set up as a new device” **during the set-up process?

Thank you for any help.

Hi @ashleyh.nzk6rn,

I’m a little concerned you mention your new phone being a Moto G3. No Moto G3 currently sold as new is likely to work with Republic’s service. In order for a Moto G3 to work with Republic, it must have been specifically manufactured for that. Moto G3s represented as working on other service provider’s networks or as unlocked will not work with Republic. If by new, you mean new to you, please disregard what I’ve just written.

If you don’t wish to carry anything over from your current phone, it’s best practice to turn off both Back up my data and Automatic restore on your previous phone. Otherwise, setting up as a new device (and declining any offer from Google to restore apps and settings if offered) would accomplish the same thing.

Thank you. Yes, It’s a replacement phone - new to me. It’s not brand new.

That’s what I needed to know. I wasn’t sure if “backup and restore” settings were unrelated to “set-up as new”. Having display issues with my previous phone. I will try to disable the backup and restore settings to be safe if I am able to. If not, it sound like “set-up as new” by itself will work.

Thanks again.

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