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I am new to Android. I have a Nexus 6P. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to set different ringtone notifications for different apps. I have searched online and cannot find the answer. All my notifications are the same ringtone. Can someone explain to me in layman terms how I do this? Thank you! Maureen

I don’t have a Nexus but

Hi @maureenp.xcvdwl ,

If you’d like additional guidance, please let us know specifically which apps you’d like to apply different ringtones to.

Hi southpaw,

I was told that I couldn’t get a specific ringtone for my gmail by a Google rep. I have figured out how to changed ringtones for specific contacts, both for when they call and also text. My question is for other apps i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, etc. They all have the same notification sound and still haven’t figured out how to individualize them.

Thanks for responding.


Hi again, @maureenp.xcvdwl .

You can certainly configure Gmail to play a different notification tone! In fact, I have mine set to play a variety of different tones:

One tone when I receive E-mail on my southpaw account

A different tone when I receive E-mail on my realname account

Yet another tone when I receive E-mail from a specific friend whose E-mails are usually worthy of immediate attention.

To change the notification tone in Gmail, begin by opening the Gmail app.

Tap the “hamburger menu” (three stacked lines at top left) and scroll down to the bottom of all your folders to tap “Settings.”

Tap the account username (your E-mail address). If you have several, you would set this up for each one.

Tap Inbox sound & vibrate

Tap Sound

Select the tone you wish to hear when E-mail arrives.

My question is for other apps i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, etc.

I don’t have Instagram or Facebook on any phone I own, so let’s see if anyone else chimes in with instructions for those. If no one does so, I’ll install each app and let you know the steps.

For “Messenger” do you mean “Facebook Messenger” or the new “Android Messages” (formerly Google Messenger) or something else?

For “etc” could you be more specific?

Oh my gosh, southpaw, that is amazing! I can’t believe the google guy said it couldn’t be done. You need to apply to work for them, ha ha!

I was referring to FB Messenger and following the lead you gave me on Gmail, I figured it out. Also for FB and Instagram.

Holy Moly, I was spending so much time trying to figure all these out and within a couple of minutes you solved all my problems.

Thank you SO much!


I’m so very glad to read that you were able to configure the other apps the way you want them, @maureenp.xcvdwl.

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