"Setting up a nearby device" function not working

I have attempted to copy my Google accounts, etc. from my Moto G3 to a new Moto G4 using the “set up nearby device” function. The two phones connect and I receive the same code on both screens. Immediately upon trying to go to the next step on my G3, I receive the message “sorry, something went wrong” and I am given the option of skipping the process or trying again. I’ve tried again about 5-6 times. What must I do to effect copying of the accounts, etc.?

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This is the EXACT problem I have. The code appears, but pressing next cause immediate failure. And Motorola, in their infinite wisdom, ditched their own transfer app, Motorola Migrate, for Marshmallow. My Moto G3 is Andriod 6.0, and the new Moto G4 Play is 6.0.1. But they are both Moto phones… you’d think it would be easy in 2016…

When that failed, my phone offered to set up the phone via the gmail account, so at least my 89 apps will install themselves and layout the four custom screens. And I assume the contacts are coming over also. But I will have to manually move off dozens of files and restore them to the new phone manually.

I have the exact same problem. Moto G3 to G4. Very frustrating.


The Moto G4 don’t have the function to tap & pay or transfer files for that matter. There is no NFC on the G4 not sure on the G3 or the G4 play either, you may want to google specs…Why not just add the google acct to the phone under accounts and sync the contacts to the phone.

Moto G (4th Gen.) Tech Specs No NFC

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Good Morning @bocephous,

The functionality referenced by @stevens.egqnz0 is new to Marshmallow. It is separate from and does not require NFC. That said, in my experience it also does not work very well.

Good Morning @stevens.egqnz0 and @bh.5uk5h9,

Sorry to hear of the difficulties. Candidly, the functionality you are trying to access, in my experience, just doesn’t work very well. My suggestion is to skip it.

So long as you have both Back up my data and Automatic restore toggled on, anything synced with the Google account on your old phone will sync back to your new phone old-school when you add the same Google account to the new phone. For that which isn’t synced to your Google account, Motorola suggests one of the following apps in place of Moto Migrate:

  1. Copy My Data - Android Apps on Google Play
  2. Phone Copier - MOBILedit - Android Apps on Google Play
  3. SHAREit - Transfer & Share - Android Apps on Google Play
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Thanks for the suggestions, rolandh. After looking at those, I tried SHAREit, which appeared to work. My photos and compressed films moved over. I’d previously had the setup (via my gmail backup) restore my apps, so I didn’t try that. My Zedge sound files were copied, but something about them didn’t work so I had to redownload those – not a big deal. The only downside is that even though I saw a prompt on SHAREit (touch here to transfer messages) , and tried that twice, either nothing was transferred, or it was transferred and not recognized on the new phone. Still hoping to make that work, esp. when I go to upgrade my wife’s phone.

I would recommend you try to backup your texts using the app below on your old phone and restore them with the same app on your new phone.


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If SHAREit won’t transfer your text messages, I would second @coreyk’s suggestion.

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Thanks, I came back to report that I found that app and tried it (SMS Backup & Restore), pruned my messages by conversation/sender, and backed up to a local file. Using File Manager HD, I transferred the archive and companion it’s file to my PC. Then I downloaded that backup to my new Moto G4 and restored using the same app. It worked!

I will keep this app on my phone to do the occasional backup.

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