Setting up a second line for my kid

I’m reactivating an old phone with a new number. It all went smoothly, except I had to sign into my Google accounts to complete set up. Now the new phone (my kids) has access to all my Google accounts and history. DO NOT WANT! I can’t seem to sign out of Google in the new phone, is there a way to stay signed in so I can control her access to Google play, but that she can’t use any of my profile info? Do I need to set her up her own Google account and go through the process again?

Android Phones work best if they have their own Google account, this does not mean you can’t have full control of the kids account.

I would create a account for the kid that you control (she does’t need the password) to use but this would give them their own email (which you can check on-line), access to the Google Play store (which you can see what they downloaded and make sure password is need to pay for apps), her own contacts, which can be check online, and her own picture cloud storage which you can see what she taken online also. of course as the kid ages you can start giving some controls back to them)


Hi @kristied.spqijt

Be sure to check out Google’s resources for families as well. Instead of creating a fake account, you can create a specific account just for your kid that is linked to your own.

Google Calls it Family Link where you can create a “managed account” specifically for children under the age of 13.

Getting Started from Google’s Help page

Once you have the accounts together, you can also share your stuff between the family with the expanded family features:


In addition to @drm186’s excellent suggestions.

If you really want to start with a clean slate on the reactivated phone, then

  1. cancel the line (this is done online through the my account portal)
  2. Factory Reset it the phone (from the Settings menu)
  3. Start afresh by creating a new Google ID for your kid and then proceeding with the reactivation.
    (If it is important to get back the phone number from the first reactivation, you can do so by submitting a help ticket with RW support).
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