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Hello. I’m a new Republic Customer and recently purchased a moto E4. I set up my account on this phone and then recently added a second user to it. When I make a call from the E4 on the initial user account it comes through as my designated phone number, but when I call from the second user account, a completely different number shows up (one that I do not recognize and wasn’t assigned).

To complicated things further, I just added a moto g5plus and ported my number over to Republic on that phone. The E4 is able to call the G5+ when the first user is logged in, but the call won’t go through at all when the second user profile is used on the E4. It tries to dial but never connects. The initial user though is able to ring through. Both users can text from the E4 but I can’t figure out (A) where the other number on the E4 second profile originated and (B) why it can’t call my G5 when the second user is signed in. Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone else ever see this happen?



Hi @jenniferr.jc9fhq,

The short answer is Android’s multiple user feature is incompatible with Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service, so using it isn’t going to work. For more on that other number, please see here: How to find your phone’s secondary number and stop unwanted calls to that number.



Thank you for the reply but that didn’t work. I understand what you said though and since the multiple users won’t work, can I delete my own account from the E4 without impacting my republic service? (I’m fine with another user using the phone but they do not need access to everything in my google account.) Thanks for any further advice you can provide.



I would suggest starting by deleting any secondary or guest user accounts created. Google’s guidance for doing that is here. I realize Google’s support document is aimed at Pixel owners but it should work just as well for the E4.

Deleting your Google account from the E4 won’t have any effect on your Republic service. The Google account on the phone and the Republic account the phone is attached to do not need to be the same.

If the E4 isn’t entirely set up the easiest approach might be to factory reset the phone, then set up the phone with a Google account for the individual who’s going to use it. Republic’s guidance for factory reset is here: Factory Reset – Republic Help. Factory resetting a phone also has no impact on Republic service.

If you’d prefer not to factory reset, I suggest adding a Google account for the individual using the phone, then deleting your Google account. Both of these may be done at Settings -> Accounts.



Thank you! Will give this a try. Too bad about the multiple users - that would have been perfect. I appreciate your help!

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Are you certain that the secondary user cannot be made to work correctly? I am running into exactly the same issues that you describe. Unfortunately for me, I need to have Norton parental controls active on the E4 and the only way to make sure the user cannot uninstall Norton is to - guess what? Install it in the primary account and set up a secondary account for the child’s use. So, deleting the secondary account is no option for me. I have a ticket open, but support hasn’t been able to suggest anything that works yet, so I’m fearing that the ‘incompatibility between a secondary account and the hybrid calling system’ assessment may well be true.

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