Setting up old Moto X for my daughter - Google Play crashing


Hi all…I have an old Moto X that I want to give to my daughter as a tablet. I did a Factory Reset and I cannot get Google Play to work now. I set up a new Google account for her and when I complete the setup, Google Play just crashes. I cannot go any further and it just dies. I even tried to use my Google account on it and it doesn’t work either.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Good Morning @frankr.pii5yb,

I’m very sorry you’re experiencing this! The issue just emerged as the result of a recent update to Google Play services. Google is aware of the issue and currently has a specialist team working hard to resolve it.

For its part, Republic is also working to isolate the issue and is in communication with Google regarding it.

Sadly, for now, it’s a matter of waiting as Republic and Google work to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

If you wish, please open a ticket with Republic support and ask that on advice of a Community Ambassador it be attached to Master Ticket 10182423. Republic staff will then advise when the issue is resolved.


Additionally,if you wish to try self-help and are comfortable sideloading apps, this may help:….


Oh…ok. I was thinking it had something to do with the fact that maybe I had forgotten to remove my security app. I am not using this as a phone, just as a tablet for her…does that matter?


Hi @frankr.pii5yb,

Your security app would have been removed as the result of the factory reset. Sadly, you will not be able to add a Google account for your daughter until Google fixes Google Play services. You can skip adding a Google account for now and your daughter should be able to use the apps bundled with the phone as a mini WiFi tablet. She won’t be able to update those apps or add new apps until the issue is resolved unless you’re willing to attempt sideloading an older version of Google Play services.


Ok thank you. How long has this been an issue?


To the best of my knowledge, it cropped up during the day Thursday.