Severe lag on Moto G6 after Pie update

I have a Moto G6 that was working great before the update to Pie. Since updating the phone lags terribly. It’s almost unusable as it takes anywhere from a few seconds now to several minutes to recognize touches or process anything. I’ve rebooted several times but haven’t done anything else. I really don’t want to do a factory reset and have to reload everything but I will if someone else has cured this problem with the same. I’d really like to go back to Oreo as I’ve found nothing new of value in Pie.

I also found countless people having the same issue with this phone and Pie from other vendors such as Verizon.

I’m afraid that’s just not possible in any “traditional” way. It may be possible with a lot of work and help with a community like XDA, but the phone will nag you until you reupdate and may force the update again.

You may want to try to hold down the power button until the phone force restarts and see if that has any impact on the performance.

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Hi @terri1769

I would suggest biting the bullet and doing a factory reset. It is far easier than trying to roll back to a prior OS (as @louisdi has pointed out), and will probably fix your issues.

On a side note I have a family member who has the MotoG6 with Verizon and they had no issue with the Pie update.

I should have also have mentioned that every rollback method I’m aware of resets the phone in the process.

Hi @terri1769,

Sometimes there’s a period of adjustment, especially as all the apps update to the new OS. Has your phone perked up any since we last heard from you?

I did the factory reset and it resolved the issue. Kind of a harsh pill to swallow though.

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Hi @terri1769,

I’m glad it wasn’t a permanent situation, but I don’t like having to factory reset my phone, either.

I imagine breaking your phone would be another bitter pill to swallow… do you have a case for yours? If not, and you’d like one, the Community Treasure Chest appears to have a Speck Presidio case for the Moto G6 in your choice of black, or “Eclipse blue and black”.

You can see both here and let me know if we could send you either as a gift.

I actually have two, but thank you for the offer.

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