Share your holiday photo, and you could receive a limited-edition Republic Wireless T-shirt!


Before we launched our Pop-up shop in Raleigh, we asked our local members to submit photos that we could feature in the shop. We want the shop to be for and about our members, and the photo wall concept is an important part of that theme.

We were disappointed that the request received no responses. Maybe our local members are very shy, or perhaps the Pop-up shop idea was just a little too new at the time.

So we made do with pictures of employees, after all, we and our families are Republic Wireless members, too! Here’s how it turned out:

(click to enlarge)

Now we’d like to refresh the photo wall (we’re tired of looking at ourselves) and once again we’d like to feature our members. We’d like holiday photos of you! This time we’re opening submission to all our members and sweetening the deal just a bit… If your photo is selected and featured on our wall, we’ll send you a limited-edition Pop-up shop T-shirt. The shirt is similar to our standard shirt, super soft and comfy, and available in charcoal gray. Two of our staff members are modeling it here:

It features our exclusive Cityscape logo, based on the Raleigh skyline:


Will you help us? We’ll need high-quality, digital photographs (please contact us if your file size exceeds 10 Mb). Each person in the photograph must give consent for use. Please do not submit professional photos protected by copyright. Photographs with obvious logo placement for brands other than Republic Wireless may be refused for consideration for legal reasons.

We’ll need photos by November 28!

*By submitting any photograph to Republic Wireless, all people in the photograph individually irrevocably consent to the use of their name, picture, and/or likeness in any advertisement, marketing collateral, website and/or internal communications and/or materials prepared by or on behalf of Republic Wireless

Submit your holiday photo here:

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Share your Spring photo for use in our Pop-up shop and you could receive a RW T-shirt


Don’t forget, we’re still collecting holiday photos to feature in our Pop-up shop!


It’s fun to watch the photos slowly being submitted! I’m not going to post entire photos here, but just a little flavor from a few:




Please keep 'em coming!


We have collected some great photos! Please, please keep them coming! Remember, if your photo is selected, we’ll send you a limited-edition Raleigh Pop-up Shop T-shirt.

Here are a few more sneak peeks of the photos we’ve received:






We’ve extended the deadline! Submit your photo by the end of the day 11/30!!


got my shirt today


We hope you enjoy the shirt!

Our Pop-up shop manager reviewed all the photos and picked a handful to add to the member wall based on seasonality and shape, size and colors needed for just the right look on the member wall.

We have more ideas for celebrating our members with something like the member wall, so if your photo wasn’t selected, watch for a chance to submit again in the future!