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Do you have a Republic Wireless savings story? We’d love to hear it :dollar: :right_anger_bubble:
Reply in this thread with your savings story for a chance to get your next month of service FREE! Once a month, we will pick a winner from the previous month’s entries.

This giveaway has been running primarily on our social media channels, and we’re excited to now extend it to the Community. We’ve heard some amazing stories so far - from down payments on first homes, to simply being able to eat out once or twice a week. To check out some of the past entries, click here. All of these stories are both impactful and encouraging, so please feel free to share what you have. It doesn’t have to be something monumental :wink:

Here are some great examples of past winners we have randomly chosen:

Our savings allow us to build up the college fund knowing every little bit counts. Just over $51 for 3 phones per month, not too shabby at all.

Our family of 8 is debt free and Republic Wireless allows us to stay that way with amazing monthly savings and reliable service. Thank you @republicwirelss! #myrwsavings

Thanks to our savings from being on @republicwirelss we could afford to have me stay home 7 weeks for the birth of my second son #myrwsavings

Here at Republic Wireless, we don’t think a pricey phone bill should keep you from living your life. We’re looking forward to reading your awesome savings stories!

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So, I came from having Sprint with my parents to Simple Wireless myself and then to Republic. To make a long story short I halved my bill with Simple Wireless and then halved is again with Republic! I’m proud that my bill with Republic is still extremely low compared with their competitors allowing me to put my savings to good use like driving up north 3 hours every weekend to help my uncle get groceries and clean his house. Thanks for providing savings to allow me to help my family! (I drive a Ford Fiesta so I can get there and back with around $20 in gas so that could tell you how much we were paying at brand X) #myrwsavings


Let me tell you a little fun story with my old trusty motorola G 1st gen. By no means powerful, fast, or had unlimited amounts of storage. They cheapened this thing so much because of one thing. It was 10 dollars a month. This service was selected after months and months of research finding a service I could use around Northern Michigan. Verizon wireless was the dominate species. Their 4G LTE network is so vast my little town of Luzerne with one flashing light has a monster 4G LTE tower right at the edge of it. We all had LTE before any other internet service was even available. It was expensive, and you had to buy expensive phones and deal with Verizon’s “Growing Pains” as the network was evolving and being overloaded. Anyways, back to the story. I was invited to a off grid house warming party for a friend of a friend of my new boss for a really cool company I work for now. They were so far out their in this beautiful log cabin with solar power/generator/wind turbine for power, absolutely no service of any kind, no radio, no internet, no cell at all, literaly no verizon, sprint, at&t, Nothing. They did have satellite internet relay of some sort. Everyone was bummed out couldnt call or text or use their phone on the wifi but my motorola had it built in. I just put in the password and I was receiving texts and calling people on the phone talking away and people were constantly wandering around with their big touch screen iphones and samsungs trying to find a fringe of signal and ended up borrowing my phone to call their loved ones and tell them they are ok and to check into the digital world outside. I should have left my phone the car and enjoyed the beauty of Northern Michigan but people were happy they could call their wives and daughters and wish them a good night for the first time at “The Cabin”. This service has saved me so much money, there’s no way I could ever afford to keep a phone. Basic service here is over 50 a month even with a basic landline. This is by far the best value and uses the two largest networks for coverage.

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Thank you so much for sharing your savings story! I love to hear that your Republic Wireless savings play a part in you being able to commute home and help your uncle. That’s exactly what we’re all about here - giving you the ability to live your life more freely and more in line with what you need, not spending exuberant amounts on cell phone service. We’re happy to have you with us!

Wow, this is such a cool story Eric. Thanks for sharing! I love imaging all of those people crowding around you in fascination as you simply used your phone for all the things it was meant for, all thanks to an internet connection and our built in WiFi technology. We love to set ourselves apart from the big guys! Happy to hear that our service is such a great fit for you in many ways.

Hello RW community. My wife and I have been with RW for a few years now. Since the Defy XT days…:slight_smile: We LOVE Republic, so when recently my phone lost all service I was very concerned. I did not want to have to switch carriers, nor have to spend a weeks pay on a new phone. I tried everything RW support told me to do and still, no service. So, I took a chance and bought a new phone from RW. EUREKA!!! Back up and running. Same fast service, fast wifi, clear, crystal clear, calls and super fast texts!! We are so happy. On top of it all my youngest son heard me talking about Republic and this weekend I will be sitting down with him and his girlfriend and signing them up. Too bad RW doesn’t have a refer a friend program…Hmmmm…maybe I could suggest that. :slight_smile:
Anyway, we are SO happy with Republic Wireless. We have been from Day 1. THANK YOU for a great company, a great product, and awesome customer and tech support!


No need! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks so much for sharing your savings story with us! We’re sorry to hear about your old phone deciding it was time to retire… but happy to hear the new phone is working great. And yes, as @rolandh pointed out below, we do have a referral program in place :slight_smile:

Thanks for being a part of the Republic Wireless family!

Hubby and I were paying $90/month total for only 300 MB of data per person, and in the age of only smartphones being available, it was required to buy some sort of data plan. Our phone company said that we would pay about $70 a month total but with hidden fees it turned out to be the $90. I understand with taxes and all, but all the hidden fees on top of their quote was ridiculous! That’s when I found Republic Wireless. Nowadays with RW you can buy a regular plan with no data for only $15/month and after that it’s $5 per GB of data. Totally affordable and the price is what they say it is (plus tax)! We pay up to $50 after taxes now. That saves us $40/month! Thanks Republic Wireless!

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Thanks so much for sharing this savings story with us! We’re never about tricking anyone into prices that just don’t make sense. That’s awesome to hear you all were able to find our service and start saving on your cell phone service - not be tricked into paying more than you needed to. We’re happy to have you with us as a part of the Republic Wireless family! :slight_smile:

I finally decided to retire at 78 yrs. old from my part time job as a church musician. My monthly income was reduced to 1,300.00! Needless to say, with a mortgage payment, utilities, groceries, auto expenses and other basic necessities, I could not afford to have a smartphone and wireless service without Republic! My Motorola G4 and the low monthly rates help me stay on top in my “techie” world and that makes me very content and happy!


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Welcome to the Community! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your Republic Wireless savings story. We’re happy to hear that because of our service, you get to enjoy your own smartphone. We definitely don’t believe steep plan prices should keep folks from having simple phone service!

I’m currently working on my Master’s degree in Christian Education with special focus on the Bible (God’s Word) and science (the study of God’s wonderful world!). At the same time, I’m also a caregiver for multiple people in my extended family, plus I wear a number of other “hats”! Life is so busy and full and it’s a huge help to have RW part of making every penny count since that’s a big need for me right now! Thank you!


Welcome to our Community! We are happy to be a part of you both accomplishing your personal education goals and caring for those you love, while not having to worry about an expensive way to stay in touch. Thanks so much for sharing! :slight_smile:

I am a senior planning my retirement with no retirement $$$ in place… Basically I’m retiring to a new job to make ends meet… and I needed to manage my costs in the future. After about a month of research, and comparisons of all the “special” offers for seniors, I signed up with Republic Wireless. I have probably the best plan that accommodates both my geek needs and my tight budget, thanks to the flexibility and savings…


My wife and I were paying over 110.00 with our old carrier, with RW we pay for two lines 49.00-50.00. so we save around 70.00 per month. Allowing us to save for vacation and out to eat. Thank you RW. I wish we found republic allot sooner.


Oh and we get 4x’s the mobile data allowance compared to other carrier.

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I lost my job last December. Having a low phone bill has been a huge boon. I haven’t had to turn off service or anything like that. Republic Wireless gives me full phone coverage at a phenomenally affordable price. My phone is older but it is still working.


As a single parent, the savings I’ve enjoyed with Republic Wireless over the years has always been great for my budget, but became even more important when my teenage son’s father unexpectedly passed away a couple of years ago, and I suddenly lost child support. I’ve worked as a freelance transcriptionist for 25 years but was already looking into ways to generate more income once child supported ended even before my son lost his dad. The continued savings with RW has helped me put what I’ve estimated is an extra $200 or so per year for the past 3 years into a new business as a voice-over talent, and I’m very excited to have just passed an audition and to be doing my first audiobook as a volunteer with the wonderful organization Learning Ally, which helps learning disabled children learn to read and which will give me experience and great practice before I eventually audition for paid work.

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