Share your Spring photo for use in our Pop-up shop and you could receive a RW T-shirt



Since the launch our Pop-up Shop in downtown Raleigh, we have been delighted to display photos of our members on our shop’s “living room” wall. Our last request for your photos resulted in some beautiful winter holiday pictures which we have enjoyed throughout the season.

Now, despite snow falling this morning in Raleigh, it is Spring, and it’s time to refresh the member wall again. We’d love to feature a Spring photo of you on our Pop-up Shop wall. If your photo is selected and featured on our wall, we’ll send you a limited-edition Pop-up shop T-shirt.

Will you help us? We’ll need high-quality, digital photographs (please contact us if your file size exceeds 10 Mb). Each person in the photograph must give consent for use*. Please do not submit professional photos protected by copyright. Photographs with obvious logo placement for brands other than Republic Wireless may be refused for consideration for legal reasons.

We’ll need photos by April 15, please. (Deadline extended!)

*By submitting any photograph to Republic Wireless, all people in the photograph individually irrevocably consent to the use of their name, picture, and/or likeness in any advertisement, marketing collateral, website and/or internal communications and/or materials prepared by or on behalf of Republic Wireless

Submit your Spring photo here:

Oh woe is me, woe is me!
What can I do to get a Republic Wireless or a Republic Labs t-shirt?

The weather is a lot more spring-like now than it was 10 days ago when I first posted, so here’s a reminder that we’re still accepting your Spring photos! While we’ve already received a few, several of them still look a bit wintry! Here’s a glimpse of Spring to assure us that this Winter really won’t last forever.

Unlike the above photo, we would like any photos submitted for the Pop-up shop to feature you. No matter whether your weekend includes egg hunts, Easter bunnies :rabbit: or just some family time together enjoying the change in the weather, take some photos and consider submitting them for our photo wall!


Well we are we are having winter the third coming starting tomorrow, with temps in the mid to low 30 and 20 and predicted to get snow on Wednesday I don’t think we’re going to have much more spring-like pictures up here for a while


Ok… so it’s not Spring (weather) everywhere. Maybe folks still in winter’s grasp have spring-like pictures from last year?


Submitted mine.

Still “Winter” here, but the other day felt wonderful with the sun shining bright!


Consider setting the date back a bit. The ice won’t be off my lake until the end of the month.

Spring has sprung and grass has riz
where last year’s careless drivers is.

Burma Shave



Just for the sake of it, I’m posting this photo. There is a little evidence of trees blooming. I don’t expect to get picked. My bird is getting old, so I wanted to share this photo of him:


Just to be sure there’s no confusion, while we appreciate and are enjoying the photos shared by reply in this thread, in order to be considered for use in the pop-up shop, they need to be photos of our members and submitted through the form.


That’s fine. I don’t like being photographed anyway. Since I’m LittleToucan and he’s a little toucan, I wanted to share this photo of my bird.


Our Pop-up shop manager selected three photos to feature in the shop (congratulations @jigamo, @ithink2020, and @alisona.oe2c7l!)

We’re going to leave the submission form available for a while yet, so others can have a chance to share photos as you thaw out!


Spring finally arrived and I got my dock in the lake. This sunset shot was taken from the end of the dock by my granddaughter with her G5+.


The troll I glued there kept swallows away for about 5 years but they finally got the best of me.


A very attractive combination that is hard to beat. Coral bells with a Clematis backdrop. In my opinion, spectacular.