Shared Data for family

It would be nice if my wife and I could share data on our phones. Would it be possible to make this happen?

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Hi @bob7794,

It’s theoretically possible Republic might offer shared cell data in the future though Republic has given no indications it intends to do so. It is not currently possible as Republic does not at this time offer shared cell data or family plans.


Not offered and not possible are two entirely different things.

Not possible short of Republic changing its plan offerings. While Republic might one day do so, there have been no indications of that.


I would also like a family shared data pool - it’s nice to have some data but neither myself nor my wife use even half the lowest offering regularly - so either a lower offering or sharing would be nice, especially since we’ve been 99% on home WiFi since March. The closest might have been the Refund Plan (I think it was the 2.0 plan), where you got a prorated refund on all your data. That option went away with the current plans, but we got a lot more phone options, including BYOD. I’ve tried to do the math comparing to Google’s Project Fi plans, and I think it would work out about the same as RW, so am sticking with RW currently. Project Fi has both a shared data pool and refunds the unused data, but their base plan (before buying data) is about what we pay including data on RW. At least the last time I checked it out.

Thank you for your email, I still think there is room for improvement at RW and this just one area to be considered seriously.

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