Shattered new phone


I got my Samsung galaxy 3 five days ago , my dog jump on me I dropped my phone and the screen shattered . I’m on a tight budget and my phone is only 5 days old .I’m so devastated ( protected gear was on its way.) What are my options ?


Check the credit card you bought the phone with and see if they have accident coverage of purchases as many do


Hi @christines.d9ckb4!

As @drm186 suggested, your CC may be the way to go. If you give me the name of the card you have (i.e. Chase Sapphire) I can look it up for you.



No they don’t but thanks for suggestion


I thought there might be a 15 grace period on my phone. Darn dog


Republic offers a money-back guarantee for 14 days (if the phone was purchased from them), but that doesn’t include damage. If you would still like to give me the name of your card, I can double check on any possible benefits from your card. If you don’t mind, which Samsung phone do you have?


I believe it’s the J3 since it is the only Samsung Galaxy 3 sold atm.


If you have an older Refund Plan phone…you can reactivate it while you evaluate your replacement options.


I have galaxyJ3 problem is it came out of my moms checking account not a credit card.


Yes I still have thanks fir information


Some debt carts have the consumer protection policies like credit cards this depends one the bank/credit union so still worth checking that out, so what financial institution?


Ok will do that thanks


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