Shipments of phones

does republic require a signature for a phone purchase?

Hi @williamw.gxi7xd,

Republic does not, however, please know the carrier (FedEx) may even though Republic doesn’t ask them to. In my area, UPS always requires a signature while FedEx does not. More on Republic’s shipping policies is here: Shipping – Republic Help.

i’m in NJ where is your “area”

South Florida, however, by area I didn’t necessarily mean geographic area. Each delivery service and sometimes each driver decides if a particular neighborhood is sufficiently safe to leave a package unattended. Admittedly, we do have our share of “porch pirates” in South Florida.

Chances are you won’t have an issue presuming the issue is you don’t want a signature to be required if not going to be available to provide one.

the only things that steal stuff off our porch are deer, turkeys, or squirrels, so I think we may be OK… thanks


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