Shipping costs too high

I just bought a phone and had to choose a 2-3 day shipping option, which is unnecessarily expensive. I need the phone electively in a week at the earliest. Why can’t there be a slow shipping option? And you have to pay tax on the shipping!!!

Hi Annette, Republic has negotiated shipping prices with FedEx for the quicker options that make the pricing such that the slower options are barely less expensive (cents) in most situation and therefore don’t make sense to offer. If there is a slower option that makes sense (such as USPS for SIM cards) then it is offered.

As far as taxes on shipping, AR, CT, DC, GA and HI require that tax be charged on shipping. Are you in one of these states?

I am in Indiana, which is not on your list of states taxing shipping. I never saw that before.

So you can’t ship the phone with USPS or it’s the same price? I don’t need the phone quickly.

All available shipping options were shown.

That’s not something that the community is able to solve for you. You can open a ticket and staff can get you directed to the tax department that can look in to it for you.

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