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Yup still looking, looking at the E6, but the only shipping options are: Delivery Options - Most orders will ship out the same business day if ordered before 3:00 pm ET. FedEx 2 Day Shipping $14.50 FedEx Standard Overnight $27.42. Ouch! No normal shipping options? 1 day or 2 day are the only options, obviously I have to think this is wrong,

It’s not wrong. What it means is that the cost of a slower shipping option is so close to the cost of the 2-day that it isn’t even worth offering.

I wrapped and labeled about the same size package myself and sent is USPS for $5.85.

Companies partner with certain shipping companies.
RW uses FedEx.

Shipping charges don’t just cover the cost of shipping. They cover things like warehousing the item, paying for the logistics company that handles the item, etc. You can’t compare retail prices of you printing labels at your house, to what it costs Republic to do it.

Warehousing has nothing to do with shipping costs. It’s a cost that is incurred prior to an item being sold. I have no idea about how Republic handles their logistics but I have some idea how many boxes can be pushed out the door by some poor schmo making minimum wage. If Republic has some sort of exclusive contract with FedEx that prohibits them from sending anything by USPS then it’s a dumb business decision and it’s been going on for a long time. It may well be the case that Republic is using shipping as a means to boost profit on the back end of the sale, or they figure their youthful clientele is used to instant gratification and will eat the exorbitant shipping charges for quick delivery, or they’ve signed an ill considered long term deal with FedEx that has them boxed in. All I know for certain is I was going to buy their extend home adapter but I’m not going to pay another 29.6% additional for shipping. It’s just insulting.

Perhaps you’re heard of “shipping and handling”? Prices of phones are generally set by the manufacturer / market. The rest has to be recovered somewhere.

Republic ships SIM only orders with USPS. All other orders ship by FedEx. They previously shipped with UPS but their logistics department worked to get a better deal than they had with UPS.

I assure you, Republic’s volume is far more than a “poor schmo making minimum wage”

Republic has been very clear that shipping isn’t a profit center for them (and the really neither are phones). I have no reason to disbelieve them.

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A little testy are we? How often do you contradict yourself in the same post? Shipping isn’t a profit center/ but they have to recover the rest somewhere? And, still, warehousing has nothing to do with shipping and handling.

Let me amend that. I assure you I have some idea how many boxes can be pushed out the door by a lot of poor shmos making minimum wage. If you don’t believe me ask Jeff Bezos.

$14.50 shipping on such a small item is ridiculous and that is born out by the vast number of people that beat that, from large companies to small mom and pops on ebay. No need to be hostile and defensive.

I just ordered a phone from another provider (going retro with a flip phone). FedEx 5 Day shipping costs were $8. If I wanted FedEx 3 Day it would have been $12 and FedEx 2 Day was $18. I believe they also throw a SIM card in the box or install it in the phone prior to shipping.

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Ah, snarc. I don’t do warehousing but I’ll get right on the quote for shipping. Anyway, I ended up getting the item shipped for free. I’m not sure what that does for the argument you guys were making. I’m also not sure why posting an opinion elicited so much hostility.

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