Shipt Shopper - Which phone would work best for scanning?


I’m in the market for a mid-priced phone. I am a Shipt shopper on the side. My phone needs to scan product codes and take good pictures. Are there any recommendations??


The Moto G5 series all have decent cameras that take great photos if there is plenty of light.


I will say I don’t think any cell phone has a bad camera today
that said I would expect a mid line phone to be better than a budget and a flagship better than a midline
over all the industry has Samsung and Google Flagships on the top end of cell phone cameras


Hi @jennyh.tsb5o0,

If you’ll give us an example of the kind of photos you have to take and in what conditions, maybe a few people could upload sample pictures from their phones and give you an idea of the quality you’d get.

We’d also love to hear more about what it’s like to be a Shipt Shopper! Do you enjoy it?


Yes, I do like to be a Shipt Shopper! It is very flexible. Sometimes, I’ll grab an order on the way home from my regular job.

Really the only picture I need to take is of the grocery receipt. I’m sure any camera would work for that. My greatest concern would be the camera’s scanning capabilities. As a shopper we can easily scan 15 - 70 product bar codes in one shop. Sometimes we are scanning a product on a shelf and the lighting may not be the best. The other issue is getting the phone to scan the bar code off the receipt once the groceries have been through check out. I’m not sure there is a phone alive that could always pick up the print on those receipts. It would be nice if there was. My main concern is a phone that can handle scanning and using the Shipt app without a bunch of glitches and a decent battery life.

I currently have a Nexus 6p with a dying battery. It works pretty good for scanning products.


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