Shoddy cell service

As of a few weeks ago, my cell service is very shoddy. I do not have it in every room in my home and it changes as to where I have cell service. Do I just need to change my carrier?

It probably helps if you identify which carrier you are on and which phone you have.

I have the Nexus 5x and I’m on the GSM carrier.

Yesterday I needed to make a call from a neighbors house (so I wasn’t on WiFi) and I had absolutely no signal.

Later that day we were on our way to an eatery about 15 miles away and I was a passenger so I could keep and eye on my signal strength. It was zero the whole way.

Once we got to our destination I had enough signal that I could have made a phone call, but it was weak.

I know I’ve been in these locations before and had plenty of connectivity. I don’t know if RW has any control over it, so it may be entirely the GSM carrier who I thought was going to vastly expand their coverage, not contract it. Maybe this is temporary while they rejigger their antennas. But it will be a pretty serious obstacle to me if it continues.

Hi @barbaras.luqxbk ,

my cell service is very shoddy. I do not have it in every room in my home

When you are home, do you have Wi-Fi?

This may be a situation where you are in a poor coverage area, and we may be able to improve on that. Before changing carriers, please open a support ticket and let our support team evaluate your coverage and see what they might be able to do to for you. You can open a support ticket by clicking the “Open a ticket” button near the bottom of this page: Republic Help

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