Short codes no longer received

What phone do you have? Moto G5S+

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Phone has stopped receiving short codes, how do I remedy that?

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Hello and welcome to the community! It’s unlikely the phone has stopped receiving short codes and more likely that the vendor you’re having issues with is a particular case. Can we start with who the short codes are coming from? Is it Wells Fargo by chance?


Yes, it is! I used to get them but I haven’t received any since February. They are telling me it’s Republic’s problem!

It is not. It is Wells Fargo who has chosen to no longer support VOIP carriers.
There is an existing discussion here:


In short, nothing you can really do about it, aside from changing banks. Which is what I did.
Discover bank had better offers and can send text codes to my Republic phone just fine.
I would recommend doing some research on other banks or credit unions, and see what may be a better suited for your banking needs.

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Wow, good (and sad) to know. I may be changing banks, too, Really NOT service oriented. Thanks so much for the information.

I have the same problem with Wells Fargo in Portland Oregon. I went to the bank today and tried to establish two step security. My phone (G5) will not receive short texts from Wells Fargo. The phone did receive a voice phone call from WF with code for two step verification. I don’t want voice I want text. I used teo step verification for several months prior to February 2019. Because of something that WF did I can no longer use two step verification.

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Correct. Please read the 2 threads linked to previously.
Wells Fargo does not accept VOIP based numbers for 2FA or Mobile Banking anymore.
Has to be a “major carrier” mobile number.

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