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I just switched to a Samsung galaxy edge 7s. Everything works great, but I can’t get short messages from quicken. They’re trying to send me a text message to verify my account and I’m not getting anything. I’m using Google messenger.

Can I use Google messenger with the Samsung galaxy edge 7s?


It looks like you have circled Android Messages (which superseded Google Messenger), you may want to try RW’s Anywhere How to Change the Default Texting App in Settings on Samsung Galaxy J7 – Republic Help provides the required defaults
ETA: This may help…
How to Resolve Problems with a Short Code – Republic Help


I tried the RW anywhere app and I just don’t like it.


Hi @jefferyb,

Were you able to get the text message from Quicken to verify the account? If not, do you have any info as to what short code they are using?



I think it’s only Quicken that’s not working. I got a text from Ebay no problem.


Hi @jefferyb,

If we know the actual short code number the message should be coming from, our technicians can look into why we’re not receiving from that short code. Meanwhile it looks like they have an option to receive the verification code by E-mail, if that helps:


Hi @jefferyb,

Best to find the information @southpaw suggests and open a Support ticket.

Was the message from a short coded or regular number?

Realize Quicken has separated from intuit but may still use many former methods. I received a “short” message for account verification from Intuit QuickBooks Payments a couple of days ago. It was not from a short code number though. An odd thing in my case is I’ve been using Textra as my default. and don’t remember seeing this message except when looking at RWA on another device. I’m not aware of any other messages from SCs or regular numbers failing to come through to phone/Textra prior to or since this one. May have been one of the very few lost messages we don’t receive on our phones?

I’m not really impressed yet with the RWA phone app UI but if it provides more reliable messaging it may be worth switching.



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