Shortcode problem using Anywhere app


I have the Moto X4 and am using Anywhere for texting. Shortcode 200200 (iheartradio contest) yields no response on both WiFi and cell (GSM network). This has been happening for at least several months, possibly since I started using Anywhere. However, it does work when using Android Messages. Any ideas?


Interesting observation. I can confirm for some odd reason.

I tried texting “HELP” to 200200 and it didn’t work from Republic Anywhere but it did from Messages (the one built by Google)

However, to add to the complexity, just to confirm if it is a complete short code issue or not, I also tested my Redbox shortcode 727272 which did work and replied back with information. 75985 which is Shine alert messages also works. Maybe there is a deeper programing issue or just with 200200 with iHeartRadio


So weird, so it’s not just my phone. :slight_smile: I have no issues with Anywhere and other shortcodes; it seems isolated to just this one.


To add to the complexity, I have an iPod touch with the Anywhere app. When I texted “help” to 200200 on my phone using Android Messages, I got a reply on both my phone through Android messages as well as iPod’s Anywhere app. Setting the phone back to Anywhere, no response again when texting from the phone. However, texting “help” from my iPod works no matter which app was default on my phone.



It sounds like it is part of the android Republic Anywhere app. Have you tested it against the computer version yet?

If you haven’t already, I would submit a bug report in the Republic Anywhere app on the phone which you can find in the three dot menu on the top right.


It works on Ubuntu Linux, so I submitted a bug report this morning. Thanks for testing your phone!


Me too… 200200 iHeart does not work in Anywhere. My phone is a g5+.


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