Should I Answer App

What phone do you have? Moto G7 Play

What plan are you on? RW Pay by the Year 1 GB Data Monthly

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? All 3

Issue Description

I’m inundated by spam calls, 4 or 5 daily. I communicated with RW about a month or two ago, and nothing they did seemed to help. I found the app, Should I Answer and am curious as to how it works. I was using it with my old phone in 2018-19 and remember that it wasn’t perfect. Is it working better in 2021? Any other apps that might be better? I block spam call, but they keep coming. Any help appreciated.

Hi @johnp.py9uax,

I understand you’ve previously communicated with Republic regarding the unfortunate circumstance. That said, have you engaged Republic’s spam blocking features described here:

I have no experience with Should I Answer. Household members have used YouMail for spam blocking on iPhones. The free version of YouMail was once incompatible with Republic service but my understanding is that has changed.


I have tried and used “Should I Answer” and found it is useless. Here is your correct solution:
Open your “Republic” APP that is installed on your phone. Top right tap on the gear icon. Tap on Call and Voicemail Settings. Calls from suspected spammers ( Block ). Hit the back page, Calls from unsaved numbers ( Send directly to voicemail ). Again, back button, Calls from unsaved Neighbor numbers ( Send directly to voicemail ) When you are done it should look like this. No more car warranty coverage or electric bill or any other bozo trying to annoy you. Note, if they are not on your CONTACT list, they will go directly to voicemail and your phone will not ring! Add your Dr office, Dentist and any other service you may need to ring your phone to your contact list. Or simply toggle these features back off for the day or time you know they will be calling you.

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