Should I Answer App

What phone do you have? Moto G7 Play

What plan are you on? RW Pay by the Year 1 GB Data Monthly

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? All 3

Issue Description

I’m inundated by spam calls, 4 or 5 daily. I communicated with RW about a month or two ago, and nothing they did seemed to help. I found the app, Should I Answer and am curious as to how it works. I was using it with my old phone in 2018-19 and remember that it wasn’t perfect. Is it working better in 2021? Any other apps that might be better? I block spam call, but they keep coming. Any help appreciated.

Hi @johnp.py9uax,

I understand you’ve previously communicated with Republic regarding the unfortunate circumstance. That said, have you engaged Republic’s spam blocking features described here:

I have no experience with Should I Answer. Household members have used YouMail for spam blocking on iPhones. The free version of YouMail was once incompatible with Republic service but my understanding is that has changed.

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