Should I Come Back Now...or Later?

I was an early adopter of Republic Wireless, originally signing up around 2012 I believe. Last year, I gave Mint a try. I was lured away by their cheaper plans offering more data. It seemed perfect. And it was great…until…I went on holiday and realized (without cell coverage) my phone no longer worked solely while on Wifi. One thing I always loved about Republic Wireless is that I could be in a foreign country (without a local sim) yet take/make calls seamlessly so long as I was connected to WiFi. I loved that so much that I’m returning to Republic Wireless. I planned to do so Dec 1st, but I noticed RW homepage is advertising a new and improved experience with better, more flexible plans and coverage.

So…should I stick with Mint for another month and wait for RW to launch the updates? Or…should I convert now? I’m not sure what happens if I put the RW sim in my phone now. I’m not even sure I can migrate now. Anyone have any insight?

If you need to make Wi-Fi calls when out of the country, I would recommend Google Voice.

Hi @spaghettichef,

My understanding is Mint’s minimum term is 3 months. I don’t think one can do month-to-month with Mint. If I’m wrong about that, please correct me.

Generally, at the moment, I’d suggest staying tuned as far as a potential return to Republic is concerned. May I ask when your Mint term ends? Is it tomorrow?

Google Voice is an excellent option, however, if one wishes to use GV as their main number, they need to move that number to GV and presumably still need U.S. cellular service with someone. Also, if using GV as one’s main number, one needs to be content using the GV app for text messaging as Google no longer forwards text messages to one’s “real” cellular number.

Of course, one might choose to acquire a new number from Google Voice.

Thanks @rolandh

Yeah, that’s correct. I just checked. Bummer.

It expires in a couple days. Have there been any clues to when the updates will launch? Probably not…but are we talking days? weeks? months? Would be helpful to know.

It’s not that I need to make WiFi calls. I have GV for my business number and that’s fine. But I like that my personal number works on Republic Wireless seamlessly no matter where I am with or without cell coverage so long as I’m on WiFi. It’s more helpful than you’d think in those situations.

Stay tuned. I’m not sure that we know exactly what the Wi-Fi calling capability may look like on the new Republic Wireless plans/carrier(s).

From Get ready for an improved Republic Wireless:

  1. Will WiFi calling still work?
    When Republic Wireless set out to disrupt the cellular landscape in 2011, WiFi calling was an innovation that set us apart. In 2021, WiFi calling is available from most of the major cellular carriers using features integrated into today’s phones. On the new plans, WiFi calling will rely on the newer WiFi calling feature rather than Republic’s patented WiFi calling techniques.

If you have in hand a new, never activated Republic Wireless My Choice SIM card you could sign up and activate a My Choice plan today with the implementation of Wi-Fi calling with which you had become accustomed. Tomorrow would be too late. If you have an old SIM that was previously activated on Republic Wireless, chances are that it has expired and can’t be reactivated.

I have recently ordered a new (never before been activated) SIM, so it sounds like I’m good there. Why would tomorrow be too late?

Thank you for that reference. Very helpful! Hopefully this feature continues to work well. It’s my entire justification for returning. Haha

Republic has said My Choice SIMs may no longer be activated after 11/30. When was the SIM ordered? Do you have it in hand?

yes, I have it in hand. I ordered it Nov 14th and it arrived last week I believe

Hi @spaghettichef,

Thank you for the additional context! If you want to keep your options open with Republic, I suggest you go head and activate the SIM this evening. Activating a My Choice plan today, does not preclude one from moving to new plans later.

As for when later will be, well that’s the stayed tuned part. Republic’s website currently says “early December”. “Early December” does not necessarily mean December 1st.


I am not sure the new plans will work the same. Republic tried to always grab wifi, but for calls I thought I read that the new plans will use cell first. You should ask an expert or chat with someone at republic to try to get an answer. Things are not the same as it was with republic my choice. The merge is changing their direction.

Republic has said the new plans will use the carrier wifi calling. Generally, that means that the phone controls whether wifi is preferred or cellular is preferred for calling. I have a Note 20 that if I throw a T-Mobile or AT&T SIM in there is a setting for the wifi calling settings that lets me control exactly that. So, if I chose to do so, I could make wifi calling preferred.


I honestly know nothing about any new RW changes however a few months ago I switched a couple phones to mint. I was lured by the advertisements and the lower prices and feel like I made a mistake. I was a RW member from the very start.

One phone ported fine and the other absolute nightmare with their customer service. I probably called 7 or 8 times. I t was always something like X will be done in 2 or 3 days, call back then. Those phones also seem to have major coverage issues compared to my RW phone.

I think mint doesn’t offer or give enough to make the switch. RW is a little unexciting, however they have honestly been very stable and trustworthy.


If you’ve not seen it yet, please see here:

A couple of years ago I purchased Google’s Pixel 4 XL at B&H Photo. It came with a free three-month trial for Mint Mobile. I had no interest in switching from Republic but it was free so gave it a try with a new number. My experience with Mint’s customer service mirrored yours.

When it’s something one depends on, boring can be good. :grinning:

B&H!!! hahaha I forgot all about those guys! Great store and super fast shipping! I got to keep them in the back of my brain. I keep looking at Best Buy and their stock on new phones are slim by me. I was wishing on getting a new phone soon, got to still wait for this news to come. I check in everyday now.


B&H is an awesome company, and I’ve appreciated being able to talk with their very knoweledgable reps in times past about their recommendations on a lapel mic I should purchase. I saw a YouTube video where a B&H manager or etc was interviewed a few years ago about their sales training. The people who worked in their physical store also sometimes would be answering the phones, and they tried to help their sales reps keep up to date with various electronic devices and give honest, helpful recommendations.


Your saying that you cant make/receive calls thru WIFI on MINT? That’s not what they promote? Could you please elaborate? Thank you

They don’t promote it but it is available with compatible devices.

From their help page:

On iPhones: You can enable WiFi Calling & Text by updating your phone settings. Just go to Settings > Phone > WiFi Calling. On Androids: WiFi calling is only available on certain devices. If the device is compatible, first log into Account Management and enable WiFi Talk & Text. And then it must be enabled on the device. The setting can generally be found under Settings → Wireless & Networks.