Should I get a new phone

I do not have a lot of time to KEEP researching how to make my current phone run better. I have had problems with this phone on/ off over a year. I did all sorts of resets in September of 2019. Chrome crashes, sites load slow, texting loads up slow. Lots of issues. Do I just bite the bullet and get a new phone or will the new phone be full of problems also?

Hi @Lolitafajita

Many of the things you can do to improve your phone’s performance have been collected for you by a helpful fellow customer.

Please try some of these and see if things start getting better.


You may also want to try Firefox for browser and disable Chrome.


Most common cause for this is probably low storage space. Are there any apps, photos, or videos you can delete? If this is a 16GB memory G6 play it won’t take much to fill the available storage.


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