Should I keep my 4.0 SIM card in my phone while waiting for 5.0 to be activated?

I’m ready for this fiasco to end.
I wanted to switch my phone numbers to the 5.0 plan from 4.0. I encountered the porting numbers issue. After going a couple of days without a phone, someone suggested I try my old 4.0 sim card and that worked. We kept the 5.0 card in my husband’s phone because he didn’t need to have his phone active immediately. Yesterday I was told that his number was transferred. I checked our account and it shows his number. I tried asking if there was an update about my number and I haven’t heard anything back. I tried chatting in and got a link to something that’s not relevant at all to the situation.
All I want to know is 1-Is there an update on my phone line?
2-Do I need to keep the 5.0 card in my phone for the transfer to complete or will it happen even if I keep using my 4.0 sim card?

If I were you and my husband still didn’t need his phone I’d take out his 5.0 SIM and put in my 4.0 SIM in his phone. Then I’d put my 5.0 SIM in my phone and wait a day to see if the port finishes. Wait a while before you do this because it is very likely someone will disagree with me.

I have moved one of our lines from 4.0 to the 5.0. The process started on 12/23 and I had a usable 5.0 line later in the day on 12/28. The old sim worked until the very early morning of 12/28 in which I swapped sim cards and was fully functional by the end of the day.


Disclosure: I am not an expert and this is my educated guess.

  1. If you aren’t aware RW has been dealing with a programming issue regarding account/port activations since the 25th. You might be being affected by that. Patient is all you can be right now because if you gave up and tried to port to another carrier it would fail. When a port/activation is in process with one carrier you cannot try it with another. Ask me how I know:-)

  2. the activation will continue to occur regardless of what SIM is in the phone. Once it is complete though, you will need to have the 5.0 SIM in the corresponding phone in order to operate the phone with that number.

I hope this is helpful.

I too have been waiting over a week for an issue my account that had an improperly programmed zip. So I’m unable to port to another carrier or even “port”/activate on a 5.0 plan. I’m literally stuck until the engineers figure it out.


Thank you! That was helpful! I’m not super confident with things like this. I can troubleshoot most issues but this is beyond anything I’ve ever had to deal with. I didn’t want to find out that having my 4.0 sim in my phone was stopping my phone number from being moved somehow. I did get caught up in the porting numbers mess so I just want to be sure that I don’t do anything on my end to mess things up and getting a straight answer from my help tickets and chat has been pretty hit or miss.

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I understand.

Just be diligent about checking your email while waiting for a customer support rep to get back with you. Personally, I’ve corresponded with them 58 times over email since Saturday the 18th.
My frustration is right there with ya.
At least I know they’re trying.

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I’m just going to add; watch for an email to your old account’s email address advising service to the 4.0 SIM has cancelled. Due to continuing “engineering challenges” (a/k/a bugs), you may or may not receive email to the new account email address advising activation is complete.

When service is cancelled to the 4.0 SIM, that’s the signal to try the new 5.0 SIM in the phone again.


I’m still having to use my 4.0 sim card. I still haven’t had any luck getting my phone number on the 5.0 plan. I was given instructions to attempt to activate it again. I did and wasn’t able to get any further than step 2 where it just says, “your request is in progress.” I updated the help ticket and haven’t received a response.

Hi @reneer.zxdm5e,

Our Help Team is experiencing an unusually high ticket and call volume, so it is taking them longer than usual to get back to everyone. And to be completely honest, they didn’t have anything new to suggest at the time of your reply.

We are asking everyone to hold off on trying again, as an issue has been identified that the engineering team is working to resolve. Once we’ve tested that new solution, we’ll contact those who are waiting with the next steps they need to take.

Thank you for your patience. I’m glad you’re able to keep using your 4.0 plan at this time.

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