Should I not be able to move my RW SIM from a Nexus 5x to a Nexus 6?

Everything I’ve read indicates that this should “just work” but it didn’t for me. I got a pop-up that indicated I needed to open a help ticket!

The N6 had been on Project Fi and when I dumped that service it was not supported on RW so I ordered a 5X. I don’t think more than a week passed before support for the N6 was added to RW.

There are things I like about the 5x and other things I like about the N6, so swapping back and forth would be handy based on what I am doing at the time. Also to use one as a spare.

Fortunately I did not go through with the help ticket advice and just put the SIM back in the 5x and it works still.

Either I missed a step or the instructions need to be clarified.

Note: the N6 has been fully cleared (reset) since I left Project Fi and I’ve just been using it as a WiFi device since then.

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Have you checked and made sure the model number is “XT1103” yet (although I assume it is since it wants you to open a help ticket)? Because that is the only model that Republic supports. There were different variants.

Also, you’re right, it should just be working when you move the SIM card back and forth.

I hadn’t thought to check that before, but yes it is an XT1103.

Hi @macb,

You might want to reconsider that help ticket because you’re not missing any steps and what you’re doing should work. Some questions if you don’t mind?

Was the 5X purchased from Republic or BYOP? If you fire up Republic’s 3.0 app on the N6 with no SIM present; does it offer the choice of purchasing a SIM?

Hmmmm, I’d open a help ticket (from the website or your 5x) and ask them about it then. It might just be a weird glitch. Obviously mention that you’ve formatted it, it’s the right model number etc. Not sure if anyone else has had this problem before… Just got back from having a nexus 5 so haven’t been on the forums much

5X was purchased from RW and in fact until just now I’d never even opened the SIM door to look at it. The N6 was purchased from Google Store with the intent to sign up for Project Fi, but I was on the invite list for a few months and in the interim I ran it on AT&T where it worked flawlessly. It was a disaster on Project Fi though and I patiently tried every fix offered up with no improvement. Of course (my luck) I jumped the gun and ordered a 5X from RW on day one, not knowing that they would support the N6 so quickly (or at all).

My initial reason for not wanting to involve support is (1) it’s Friday. (2) if they have to actually do something to make this switch I may well be calling them back an hour later and saying I prefer the 5X after all. There are definitely things I like about the 5X, but the N6 has much better speakers and 64G of memory which was not an option for the 5X.

Oh: If I fire up the RW app with no SIM in the N6, it now says: Undetected SIM Card - Your phone is supported on Republic, but we can’t detect a Republic SIM card. - Please ensure your Republic SIM card is inserted properly. If you don’t have one, tap the button below. (Which says “Buy a SIM Card”)

Weird huh?

Yeah, this is pretty weird. You know Republic doesn’t have a call center right? You’ve got to open up a help ticket (kinda like a forum post) and it’ll take (at least with my experience) a couple of days for them to figure everything out.

However, in the end you shouldn’t have to choose from one or the other since it’s just a SIM card… I can take my sim and move it to another supported phone (in my case from a pixel to a 5x) and I don’t have a problem with it at all. So it’s something that they will probably need to look at because your phone is being verified correctly by the republic app. It just doesn’t seem to want to work…

Good Morning @macb,

I’m thinking your SIM’s ICCID is linked to the 5X’s IMEI and that link isn’t properly updating when you move the SIM to the N6. This isn’t how things are supposed to work with GSM (service is tied to the SIM not the phone) and why I think ultimately getting Republic support involved will be necessary.

On the other hand and as you observe; it is the weekend, so perhaps with @zephans.92g1dr’s help we might do a bit more sleuthing.

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Good Morning @zephans.92g1dr,

A question for you, if you don’t mind? Is the SIM you’re moving between your Pixel and your 5X BYOP or did it originate in a phone purchased from Republic?

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You know what, you’re probably right, they are both BYOP devices with the SIM purchased from Republic and then put in. So it could just be something a little weird with how Republic handles SIMs in devices purchased from them as opposed to BYOP.

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I had this problem when I swapped my SIM to a new phone. The solution given by Republic was to dial ##8647## then reboot. It has something to do with forcing an activation on the RW network.

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If @stevereno30 's method recommended by Support doesn’t work. I would order a new RW SIM, insert it in the P6 and try activating it as a replacement for for the 5X. That should verify it’s not a phone issue You could then try moving it to the 5X to see if the problem persists. If it does it would be an issue RW Support should know about. Getting Support involved before you try your available options can be quite time consuming.

Hi @stevereno30,

Thank you for this! I was helping someone else with this situation and the Republic VoIP credentials reset you reference worked for them as well. As an additional data point, would you be willing to let us know whether the SIM in question originated in a Republic phone or is BYOP?

ETA" @macb if you haven’t already done so, I suggest giving it a try. Please let us know if it works for you or not.

It was put in an RMA Nexus 5x from Google. I’m of the opinion that buying phones from Republic on the 3.0 plans amounts to a severe convenience tax. Case and point: my wife’s Moto X Pure was purchased for $50 below Republic’s new sale price this past July

Hi @stevereno30,

The purpose of my question isn’t passing judgement on whether one should purchase a 3.0 phone from Republic or a third party. Both of my 3.0 phones are BYOP.

I’m trying to determine if there’s any reason to believe that a GSM SIM that originates in a phone purchased from Republic behaves any differently when moved to different phone than a BYOP SIM does. I’ll take your answer as evidence that the SIM in your Nexus 5X originated as BYOP unless you advise otherwise.

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I’ve placed an order for a new SIM. Once it arrives I’ll feel a little bolder about experimenting. I’m quite dependent on having at least one working cell phone, but if the new SIM is swapable between the 5X and N6 without a service ticket each time, maybe I can have them transfer my desired cell phone number to that SIM.

I expedited the delivery so I can report on the results in a few days.

Yes, new SIM is what I decided to do. If it works I’m willing to do destructive testing on the old one. If the dialer code works it might also force me to choose a new phone number for the old SIM and that would be disastrous.

Hi @macb,

The ##8647## dialer code will not force a change in phone number and is completely non-destructive. It’s simply a credentials reset with Republic’s servers. It may not work but won’t cause any harm.

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As a service to the community I decided to take the risk and try the dialer code. I did it before inserting the SIM (but with WiFi active) and then turned the phone off, inserted SIM and everything is fine now!

Thanks everyone.

Now, any suggestions about what to do with the 2nd SIM I ordered? Do they “keep” if never used? Once used and deactivated do the expire as most SIMs do?

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The sim is good for 3 years before it turns into Charlie Browns Great Pumpkin!

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