Should I stay with RW? Missing the Refund plan

I have an old Moto G (3rd) phone. It has served me well but the physical phone is starting to show signs of wear (e.g. display suddenly getting muddled and needing restarting frequently).

Since I need a new phone, I’m finding that I will have to give up my current Refund plan and choose one of the new plans in RW. That removes my previous motivation to be a member with RW. Has anyone heard good reports of other companies giving refunds for unused data? If I’m going to get a new phone, I figure I should get one compatible with whatever company I want to use at this point. I’ve been satisfied with the coverage from RW, but I would really miss my plan.

Plans that I’m looking at, which don’t have a refund that I see but which seem cheaper, are Tello and Ultra Mobile. Does anyone know if their coverage is comparable with RW’s?

Hi @jenniferl.vklgv8 and welcome to the Community!

You’re not alone in your desire to want to keep your refund plan. Republic’s grandfathered plans were a great deal for low data users. The break even point is 2/3rds of a GB. If one uses that much data one breaks even. If one uses more than that, they’ll save money using Republic’s current My Choice plans rather than Republic’s grandfathered refund plans. My Choice also provides access to value added features such as Extend Home and free spam call blocking via the Republic app. Granted such value added features may or may not be attractive to a particular consumer.

I don’t know of another service provider offering refund plans. There is, of course, thriving market competition in the mobile phone space. Choosing to be an informed consumer is not a bad thing by any means. That said, I don’t believe Republic’s Community is the appropriate place to discuss alternative service providers. When wanting to learn more about potential alternative providers I look at Howard Forums.


I haven’t done a ton of shopping around, but before our move last year I did look at other providers in case our RW coverage wasn’t good here. Even when I could have saved a little money I weighed it against the customer service experience I’ve had here with RW. That’s important to me, and it’s one of the things that helped keep me here. Depending on what type of user you are, maybe the annual plan makes sense for you. That would reduce your overall cost for the plan, in essence creating your own rebate.

For me, I’ve had enough positive interactions with this community, with the RW staff on the few occasions where I’ve needed support, and with the money I’ve saved compared to the big telecoms that I don’t miss the refund plan.


I switched to tello and the sprint coverage is the same. There is no WiFi calling and no roaming on tello so coverage overall is less than republic in the USA. In other countries Tello has coverage for an additional fee which is more coverage than republic. One could argue either way depending on the circumstances.

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If your looking for a refund like plan look into “Tracfone”, any data you do not use will actually carryover each month.

If you’re looking for the best brand for price/data/phones/5G then you’re going to want Mint Mobile.

We’ve been with republic since 2013. We’ve had as many as 9 phones for under $100 at one time. We’ve saved $1000’s and $1000’s over 7+ years on fees, service and using the cheaper Motorola e, e3, x, x2, x4, g, g3, g4, g5, g6, g7, z play, z3 play, and now with the pixel 4xl sale $499 have been amazingly suprised by the better connectivity experience everywhere.
I’ve learned that everyone who has left always finds an issue with the new company.

Spectrum - offers 1gig talk/text $14 if you have their $69 internet service, Beware 2nd gig is $28 3rd is $42 and fees are higher. ( my son has )
Mint - $15 + fees, no wifi calls
Trac - requires that you deal with it regularly
Republic - simple, easy, $18 or less on a pre-paid year 2 phones talk/text/1gig for $432 and the option to add if.

With all the chaos in the world ( 207,000 wildfires in south America, economic conditions everywhere, Greenland losing its last ice ) I’m always looking for ways that simplify my world around me.

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