Should I try factory reset so I can activate motox 2nd gen

I’m a current RW user. I purchased a used Motox 2nd gen from eBay. It came with the old phone number still attached, so I haven’t been able to assign my number to it. Put in a ticket yesterday, but I’m getting antsy . I started wondering, if I do a factory reset on it will it allow me to activate as if it just came out of the box?

Unfortunately, Factory Reset will not deactivate service on the phone. You will need to contact the seller to make sure they deactivate the line of service…so that you can reactivate it. See here for details.

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

Sadly, the seller has not answered my repeated attempts to contact him

Unfortunately this might be a lost or stolen phone. What @amitl told you is correct but a factory reset should be performed before the phone is reactivated anyway. Moreover, that might reveal a second problem if the phone had a screen lock. In that case the phone can only be reactivated with the last user’s Gmail (Google) credentials. You will want to do this immediately so you can open a case with eBay ASAP.

Good heavens, it never dawned on me it could be a lost or stolen phobe guess I better open a complaint with eBay next So sad!

I only brought up that possibility because the seller wasn’t responding to you. It is possible the seller is away for the holiday. In any case opening a complaint with eBay will help sort this out. When an eBay purchase is paid through PayPal they hold the payment in the seller’s account for about 30 days so I believe if you act on this in that time frame you can get a refund if it comes to that.

I bought a Chromecast on Ebay that was never delivered. Ebay asked me to contact the seller after about a month which I did without a response. They refunded the purchase within a few days.

Just thought I’d pop back on with the good news that the seller was away for the holidays, and wasn’t aware I’d left any messages. Once he became aware, he immediately contacted RW to have the line discontinued, and the phone itself prompted me to activate it once I was able to do so. Love my RW!

Glad to hear everything is working well for you. Thanks for reporting it back here for the benefit of the community.

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