Should I upgrade my phone?

I’ve had my Moto X 2nd gen for almost 4 years now. The battery is not really holding a charge anymore and to replace it with a generic battery in my area is about $50-60 bucks to have a repair tech do it while I wait.

I’ve loved this phone and have considered just getting a new Moto X (although I’d miss my Moto Maker cover) but would rather have an easier battery to replace like the Samsungs have where you just pop the back cover off. Also, getting a new phone would mean I’d lose the Refund plan.

So what does everyone think I should do?

A. Replace battery so I can keep the Refund plan.
B. Get a new Motorola. Although I hear customer service is pretty bad now.
C. Go back to Samsung (if their battery is still just popped in/out).

If I get a new phone, I will hang on to the Moto X as an emergency backup phone.


I’d be tempted to Go with A.

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Only the budget models from Samsung has the removable battery feature [the ”Galaxy J” series] the ”Galaxy S” series has not had this feature since the Galaxy S5, and the ”Galaxy Note” series since the Note4

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Any particular reason why?

The J series Samsungs are also gsm only which may be a coverage issue depending on where you live. The Moto X2 is on Sprint (CDMA)


Good to know. Thanks!

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So a new Moto X4 takes a Nano Sim. Do you know if I can just move my Nano SIM from the Moto X2 to an X4 or do I need to get a new one from RW? The X4 is $100 cheaper on Amazon!


The SIM in your X2 will only work in that specific phone, it cannot be used in any other phone.

You will need a BYOP SIM.

What’s the difference between a BYOP SIM and the one in my X2 that’s already on RW?

The SIM in your X2 is a legacy Sprint CDMA Partner SIM. The BYOP SIM is a GSM Partner SIM

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The one 7n your Moto x2 is a Sprint SIM (CDMA) link to the 9hone and it’s custom ROM
Swapping phones via swapping SIMs is a GSM feature and you will need a 3.0 BYOD SIM which is GSM [T-Mobile] if you need 4he coverage of CDMA [Sprint] then you can open a ticket and request a CDMA once the phone been activate on GSM [the phone needs to be in the republic system to move it to CDMA]

Edit to add moving from a legacy a 3.0 phone will change your plan to the My Choice plans [$15+$5perGB]

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Sorry everyone, but I guess I’m still confused. My Moto X2 has a CDMA card. The Moto X4 also uses CDMA according to the phone comparison chart that billg posted the link to. So if I’m going from a CDMA phone to another CDMA phone, why do I need a new GSM SIM card and have it converted to CDMA if I’m never using the phone on a GSM network? Does the X4 come programmed for GSM by default or something like that? It is an unlocked phone.

1st CDMA is not design to work this way on CDMA the phone is linked to the network via the MEID and the SIM is just there for LTE access. (Fact is if the phone doesn’t have LTE like 1st gen Moto G and E there is no SIM slot)
[GSM has the SIM link to the network and therefore can change phones by swapping the SIMs by design]
2nd the legacy phone have a custom ROM which locks the SIM to that phone]

I will note that Republic does not use a SIM to store personal information just for access to LTE

In order to move the CDMA Republic needs information about the phone which it will have once it’s activate on GSM

I will also not the carrier partner has force changes of SIM types [2016 phones needs a cSIM, where 2017 phones need a iSIM, and some 2018/19 phones will need a OTASIM [which Republic has not yet released]] the Moto X4 will get a iSIM

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Let me see if I’m getting this right. So I order an unlocked X4. I submit the request for a 3.0 CDMA SIM card to RW. They send me the SIM card and I put it in the phone. It connects to GSM to register the phone with RW, but then only uses CDMA from then on for data/phone. Is this correct?


  1. You get an X4
  2. You active the X4 with a BYOD SIM (GSM)
  3. You open a ticket and provide this information: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help
  4. Republic sends you a new SIM, you swap it in to the phone, now your phone is on the CDMA partner
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Is BYOD the same as BYOP?

Will RW send me a GSM SIM card if I request one? If not, where can I get one if the new phone doesn’t come with one?

So I need a new GSM card AND a new CDMA card to activate a new X4 on RW?

If you buy the phone from Republic it will have a SIM card, otherwise you will have to purchase one. Republic will not provide one for free. You can buy a SIM card from the Republic store under BYOD.

BYOD = Bring Your Own Device
BYOP = Bring Your Own Phone

Same thing basically.

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Just to add one activate on GSM and CDMA coverage is needed support does send out the replacement SIM without cost to the end user [only need to buy one SIM]

But do I still need a GSM SIM card plus a CDMA SIM card if I don’t buy the phone from RW?

drm186: could you put in a period or comma in your last comment so your sentences aren’t running together? I’m not following you. Thanks!

Hi @songc

If you buy the x4 from Amazon you will also need to buy a sim card from RW. The sim card you get will be GSM (T-Mobile towers). Use this sim card to activate your new x4. If coverage is as good or better as it was with the X2 that’s all you need to do.

If you find the coverage is worse on your new phone with the GSM sim RW support can send you a CDMA sim card to get back the coverage you had with the X2.

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