Should I wait until the end of the month to activate my Republic Wireless phone?

The phone I ordered came in the mail today. However, my Cricket billing cycle on my current phone doesn’t end until the end of the month. I was thinking of just using my current phone until the end of the billing cycle (since I’m already paying for Cricket anyway), rather than activating my RW phone now and having to basically pay for two phone services. If I keep my RW phone in the closet until the end of the month, then my RW billing cycle can start just when my Cricket service ends. What do you think?

Hi @samianq.gmnyfc
If you’re porting your number from Cricket to Republic Wireless you might want to have some overlap time.
You can check if you can port your number here: Enter your phone number to confirm that your number will transfer.

More info here: Number Transfers

If you setting up your Republic phone with a new number you’re Idea sounds good to me :+1:

Hi @samianq.gmnyfc,

Besides the overlap time time to ensure the Cricket line remains active during the transfer, please be aware RW has a 14 day return policy that begins once the phone is delivered. For a smooth transition and best experience I’d recommend you activate and begin enjoying your new phone and service ASAP.


I recently moved a number from Cricket and it took 6 day to move over (this was Cricket not releasing the number and it took me into the next billing cycle at Cricket) [this was not normal but can happen] I would personally not wait

Hi @PlaneTherapist,

I’m not clear what you might have had in mind here.

For someone in a situation like @samianq.gmnyfc describes, activating a new phone to start his Republic Wireless account and move a number over from Cricket, there’s nothing to pro-rate. The monthly service fee is charged during activation, for a full month of service. I don’t want anyone reading this to think that if they just don’t use the phone we don’t charge them.

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I was thinking about a current member adding a line after the first day of a cycle rather than new members. My mistake.


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