Should my Moto G4 be in Cellular Standby when waking up?

I really do not use my phone(compared to most people, I suspect) a great amount during the day, so it is in Sleep Mode a great amount of the time. It does seem that most of the time when I awaken it, it is Cellular Standby mode and then switches over to my wifi. Is this normal? The largest percent of my battery usage is from being in Cellular Standby, so I’m wondering if being in this mode while asleep could be using up my battery?

I’ve just always thought it rather odd that it would be on Cellular Standby in my apartment with my wifi operational

Hi @darianr.3wql3h,

This may have to do with Android’s implementation of doze mode, and we have a long relevant thread here:

Is your phone losing its WiFi connection while sleeping?

I’m going to lock this thread just to focus the conversation to that thread.

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