Should the Moto X 1st Gen handle 4g?

I have Moto X 1st gen, but I never see 4g showing up only 3g. My wifes 2nd gen moto x shows up 4g in the same locations. Any ideas? Thanks

The Moto X 1st gen is certainly capable of 4G. Is it possible that you are on a Republic Wireless 1.0 & Beta Plans ? If so, perhaps you’re on the “WiFi + Cell + 5 GB on-net 3G” $25 plan. If you are, you’ll only ever get 3G cellular data. What plan does it say you are on when you open the Republic Wireless app or look up your account/phones at Phones | Republic Wireless ?

Yes, the Moto X1 should work on 4G/LTE and should display as such in the status area.

A few possible reasons why this might not be happening.

  1. Are you both on the same plan? The 1.0 plan with $25/mo offers only 3G data.

  2. Go through the numbered troubleshooting steps in this document

Make and Receive a Phone Call

  1. The SIM card in your phone enables the 4G/LTE access. You may try to re-seat the SIM card

and see if that fixes it.

If none of these solutions work please submit a help ticket

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