Show running apps MOTO G4 PLAY

I want to see all the running apps on my MOTO g4 PLAY phone. Some keep running no matter what I do (like the weather app) and I would rather not have to keep rebooting the phone.


There is no straightforward way to look for running apps as offered in Kitkat. However, depending on how it affects you

you might be able to figure out which app needs to be stopped.

a) Battery drain - you can look at the battery discharge profile. Two finger slide from the top and tap on the battery percentage to take a look at all the apps that are using your battery.

b) Cellular data usage - You can go to Settings -> Data Usage and look for apps that use excessive data and you can

choose to “Restrict background data” on those apps.

Most “free” apps are free because they are trying to get info on your usage patterns etc and use that info to show you

relevant ads…if you don’t like an app’s continuous background usage…your best bet might be to look for another app.

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