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Is there a way I can get all of my saved Wifi Networks and Passwords off of my Moto X 1st Gen?.
I have Backup & Restore checked, but when i add my google account to my new phone it doesnt get the wifi info.

When i go to my Republic app, I see all of my saved networks but i cant see the passwords.

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Passwords are not shown for security reasons.

In order to gain access to the passwords your phone would have to be rooted, which is not possible on legacy phones like the Moto X1.

So there is no way for me to get a list of my saved networks?

Other than manually moving them or using screenshots of the list? I don’t think so. If I’m wrong I’m sure others in the community will be sure to chime in.

only as stated, if you wish to root the phone and take a chance of killing the phone
RW Moto X 1st Gen can’t be rooted

somewhat of a guide

discussion here, backup wifi and restore!topic/gmail/gBzZUrs_5Qs

and here


X1 dead but on my G1, G3 I can FORGET saved networks in phone Settings, Wi-Fi. Menu (3 dot), Saved networks.

I can see all of my saved networks too, but i want the passwords that go with the networks.

I have searched google, everywhere says if you have Back up and Reset checked, when you get a new phone it should bring your networks down, but it does not for me. I can manually put them back in if i have the passwords, but i can’t get the passwords.

Now I understand. I hould have read more closely and then nathanb.puhlyv’s reference to root made be believe you merely wanted gone (off) and not just info more easily restore your settings.


Odd that some are not shown and others are in the phone settings. If you set up your phone as a hotspot you can view it’s password at anytime. Android systems’ security can be slack for features.

Michael, it can easily be done, but first you need to root your phone. The Moto X is simple to root - takes a few minutes and it’s even allowed by Motorola. Once rooted, YOU are in full control of your phone. Google Play Store has many apps that will display the passwords of saved WiFi credentials on your phone. Hope this helps. Here’s a link to the XDA page:

Google this for help for the passwords:

“android root app saved wifi passwords”

It might be easy IF you have an unlocked bootloader. My X1 is unlocked, but that was a right place at the right time thing over 3 years ago…I don’t think it’s possible now.

unless someone has found a defect in the OS of the RW MOTO 1st and 2nd gen phones, they can not be rooted
I tried to do an RW MOTO E 2nd gen, got to the point of entering the long string of digits into the MOTO web site for rooting and it returned that it was not root-able, and searching on the internet, have still not found anyone that was able to root the RW locked phones…

try this android app Wifi Password Show
it may work

device has to be rooted, click on “read more”

No, and no. There is no known way to root the Republic Moto X1 and no, it is not allowed by Motorola (they won’t unlock the bootloader).

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