Show some notifications when screen is pinned?

Moto G4, Nougat

I use the screen pinning feature all the time, for instance to keep a Google Keep list handy while shopping. Works wonderfully.

But all notifications are suppressed, AFAIK. So if a call, text, email comes in, and I miss the sound, I can’t tell since there is no status bar or notification.

Everything’s back to normal when I “unpin” Google Keep, or whatever app, but of course that can be a good long while.

Is there a way to allow some notifications or to check notifications while the screen is pinned?

Hi @chrisber,

By design, notifications are disabled when the screen is pinned. The idea is that you could open a specific app and share your phone with someone, without having to worry that they might see private communications in a notification.

Is there a reason the Google Keep list won’t stay visible on your screen without being pinned?

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Thank you for the answer

As to why I would want it to function this way…

It’s handy to have the Keep list always available, and not have to deal with a lock screen, for instance when you’re shopping for half an hour or so and checking items off a list. I have fairly aggressive auto lock settings, and by pinning Google keep, I don’t have to deal with them in this scenario.

Perhaps no one else in the cosmos uses it this way, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Hi @chrisber,

Ah-ha! This we can do without pinning.
There’s an app in the Google Play Store called MacroDroid. It lets you make little programs for your phone. (Don’t panic; it’s easy!)
I just set one up on my phone that basically tells the phone, "If I have my grocery list open, set the screen lock timeout to never."
Then I created another one that says, “If I close my grocery list, set the screen lock timeout to 15 seconds.”

Then I set my normal screen timeout to 15 seconds, and opened my grocery list. The screen stays on, and notifications still flow as intended. Now if you do this, you’ll need to remember to close the grocery list when you’re through shopping, or don’t set that initial timeout to “never.”

Let us know if you’d like help setting this up, I think it’ll do exactly what you’re wanting.


Nice suggestion about using MacroDroid for the Keep app!

Thought “never” was a long time so I set my limit to 10 minutes only if my battery was greater than 30%. YMMV.


Oh! Nice job adding the battery consideration!

(Maybe we should have a MacroDroid challenge.)


or a help file with all the macrodroid examples listed…:slight_smile:

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Our Help Center does not support third party apps.

The way MacroDroid works, I think the possibilities are endless, so it would not be possible to ever list them “all.”

Using a third-party app is really very much a “Community” role. We could have a thread where we list our favorite macros, and if there were enough interest, even a category just for conversations about creating macros with apps like MacroDroid, Tasker, and IFTTT.

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