Shut-off Vibrate for Moto G 4th edition

Does anyone know how to shut-off the vibrate, for the Moto G (4th edition)? I hate that it vibrates with every text. And I can’t figure-out how to shut that off.

Hi @garyn.1vhoat!

You can shut it off by hitting the volume up button. That will then chime to let you know that it is not on vibrate anymore. Just be aware that calls will now ring as well and not vibrate. Hope that helps!


Yeah, for phone calls, sure. But, I’m having issues with texts. It still vibrates for texts, on these settings.

open the texting app (“Android Messages”) and tap the 3 vertical dot menu icon in the upper right of screen

then go to setting

then turn off vibrate

drm186, thanks…That did the trick.

your welcome

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