"Sign into network" notification issue

Does anyone else get a “Sign into network” notification? I have a Pixel on the 15$ plan and only use wifi for data. I get a “Sign into network” notification allot. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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Hi @yinjiel,

I’ve not seen previous reference in Community to a “Sign into network” notification nor have I yet convinced myself to spend the money for a Pixel. Perhaps someone who has a Pixel will happen along.

Meanwhile more information might help us better help you. Do you know which app is responsible for the notification? Does the notification present itself when away from WiFi, or when on WiFi? If when on WiFi, is it all WiFi networks or a specific WiFi network?

You might consider posting a screenshot of the notification you see. Pictures sometimes help where words fail.

Are you a Republic Anywhere beta tester? This is a know issue with that app installed but I’ve only seen it on the PC app.

Hi, I get this notification on my Nexus 6P whenever I’m not connected to WiFi. Like you, I’m on the $15 plan with no cellular data. I have decided to ignore it, or swipe it away when I’m back on WiFi…

Is this the WiFi setting that is causing your notifications?

My wife’s phone has this same message on her Pixel XL. Turning off the Network Notification did not work. It did start after installing the Republic Anywhere app, but that has been removed at this point.

Hi @josephi.xjjdpw

Not sure if you have realized this thread is 4 months old. As a longtime customer and member of the community, I would advise you to start a new topic or ‘thread’ in order to focus specifically on any problem or issue you are having.

Just for good measure, here is a link that may be helpful… Welcome to the Republic Wireless Community…(How to post a new topic (thread)).

That said,

I can only assume that means the notification or error message started after installation, but not sure what was removed…the RW app or the Error msg.?.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions here, a lot of customers helping customers with cell service issue’s and what-not.

I’ve been having the same issue after the last os update and trying the republic anywhere app then uninstalling it.
Has anyone found a fix for this yet?

Hi @kevind.ebgveh

Would you mind sharing a little more information on your issue or be willing to start your own thread?.

The best I can tell is that your are having an issue signing into RW/RWA* ?.



This morning Anywhere requested a sign-in. The pull-down menu where I normally select between the two numbers in my account wasn’t present. I logged-in anyway and connected to the wrong number. I uninstalled Anywhere and then reinstalled the Beta version. The version that reinstalled was not the current Beta (no Phone) and the pull-down menu to select the correct number didn’t appear. Now I’m stuck with my SO’s messages.

Update: I got the pull-down menu on my 4th login and was able to select the correct number.

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