Signal App separating long messages



I have recently begun to use Signal, as I am finding SMS to be limiting in my conversations. In the meantime while I get others on board, I am using it as my default SMS app. I have found that long messages are being split up instead of being combined into one MMS message (like Republic Anywhere).
I do see that Republic Anywhere and Android Messages are the only apps that are supported by Republic Wireless (understandable considering the limited resources!), but I was just wondering if there was any way around this. MMS works just fine, I am able to send pictures to others normally.

Any help is appreciated!


What’s happening has nothing to do with Republic. The App decides whether to send long messages in pieces or MMS. You’ll need to find out if Signal has a setting to force long messages as MMS.


I appreciate the quick response, and it is one I anticipated. Thank you very much, this topic can be closed.


This is a very common issue with sms/mms . People use things the way they want to use them and text messages from all kinds of apps was designed for short quick messages. App makers and technology have taken a back seat to don’t fix what don’t seem broken to them. I find that a couple paragraphs and i send it, then continue works best for myself.


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