Signal drops when I hit "send"


Using a pair of Moto g3 phones (both mine and my wife’s) on Republic 2.0. Cellular.
Broadband is not available at home so we’re dependant on cellular. Often we will have 50% or better signal but as soon as I hit send it drops to zero. Usually it bounces back to 50-100% but the call fails. I can stand and watch the meter and it’s steady but if I attempt another call it will fail in a similar manner.
We are in a fringe area but the signal only drops when I hit send. This problem started on both phones a few months ago after about a year of generally reliable service. It is now nearly impossible to make a call from home.


This sounds like a tower issue… Are the phones “home” on Sprint or are they roaming? If you aren’t seeing the roaming triangle open a service ticket. RW can interrogate the tower and see if it is having a problem. They will need your exact location.


Our phones switch between Sprint and roaming at home. I’ve seen the signal
drop in the same way several times both on Sprint and roaming.


Like you, I have poor cell service at home and when Sprint was my carrier my phone would switch from home to roam throughout the day. Cell calls would drop when switching from home to roam. I have decent broadband so the lousy cell service isn’t a problem except when my electric power fails.

About a year ago I got a new phone and switched to the GSM carrier (T=Mobile) which also provides poor service to my home. The T-Mobile signal goes from 2 bars to nothing since T-Mobile has chosen not to roam on a nearby AT&T tower. I could have rock solid cell service with AT&T but since I have broadband the considerably higher cost isn’t justified. Before coming to RW I was with Verizon and my cell would only work when I stood at a window that faced their tower.

RW may not have a solution for you. Have you studied the other carrier coverage maps?


All the maps show that we’re in a fringe area. Verizon worked well and when we switched to Republic it worked about 90% of the time for the first year. Now Republic works less than 10% of the time. I would like to know what changed…


Carriers don’t own the majority of their towers, but instead lease tower space. This can result in changes of coverage as equipment changes are made, leases re-negotiated, other carrier’s installer bumped the Sprint antenna as they added their radio, Sprint changed the direction of their antenna to favor a more populous area, trees grew up etc etc etc


Have you done a PRL update on the phones? . How to Update the Preferred Roaming List on 1.0 or 2.0 Motorola Phone – Republic Help

If issue on just one phone I would have suspected a phone transmitter issue and still a small possibility. Do you ever see a signal drop in areas with excellent full bar signals?


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