Signal SMS App - Plan 3.0

First, I did not realize the default SMS app would not work with plan 3.0. Otherwise, I would stay at 2.0 but too late, I switched (went with moto X pure). Next, I discovered that you do not need to use Google Messenger for your SMS. I downloaded Signal SMS app by Whisper Systems ( and SMS/MMS seems to function fine.

I only tested with some of my contacts with wifi and w/out wifi for the past few days, so far no hiccup. If you value privacy and encrypted communications, give it a whirl and report/update this thread. No, I’m not affiliated with Whisper Systems. I figured more exposure leads to quicker bugs fix and adoption of encrypted SMS/MMS app, for free and without ads :slight_smile:

(Telegram is another SMS/MMS app for individuals that value privacy. I have not try the app.)

A couple points for others who may want to consider using Signal:

  • If it starts telling you that a message wasn’t delivered but you find out that it actually was received then open up the app, tap the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner that trigger the so-called rollover menu to drop down and tap Settings at the bottom of the list. Next tap the top entry labeled ‘SMS and MMS’. In that area slide the switch to turn Wi-Fi calling compatibility on. I sent my daughter as many as 4 copies of the same text before we compared notes on this.
  • It may not be the supported messaging app but it has some nice features. And on that topic I should add that I found encrypted phone calls a little confusing the first time. There was an unexpected delay and then a sort of bell-like bonging tone. Eventually I found myself talking to my brother who pointed out that there was a phrase and countersign phrase displayed on the phone. You say one of the words, the other party says the other and your secure voice call is confirmed on both sides.

Uninstall it before visiting Egypt though:

Egypt has blocked encrypted messaging app Signal

Hi @moto.x,

Indeed many 3rd party messaging apps work with Republic’s 3.0 phones. I’m using Textra. Others I’ve seen referenced in Community as working are Chomp, Evolve and Handcent.

I’ve been meaning to get around to experimenting with Signal on one of my 3.0 phones. I’ve played with both Signal and Telegram in the past. One point, messages are only encrypted if both sides of the conversation are using the same app (Signal or Telegram). It’s also my understanding that WhatsApp has integrated Open Whisper Systems’ encryption technology for messages sent between WhatsApp users. The need for both sides of the conversation to be using the same app to get the encryption benefit is the major drawback.

and Signal app updated to unblock the ban, quick response by Whisper!

Anyone tryout this Signal app? Currently, I’m having issue with this app connecting to cell for sms/mms. Wanting to know if others are seeing issue? So far my family and friends are not having issue.

Will watch for it next time I’m on cell.

A useful link for Signal app, Android – Support

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