Signal strength


I have had connection problems with Lyft and probably with Uber. Also sometimes with voice on cell.
I used an app called “Signal Strength” running on my old MotoX and found weak strength. The same app on my wife’s newer MotoG3 showed more strength. I just bought a MotoE5 for myself. When I run “Signal Strength” on it I get “Signal: permission not granted”. I am beyond frustrted not knowing if I have made things better. Any idea how I might get permission from Republic.


Permission to access cell signal strength has nothing to due with the cell carrier, but is the Android OS it self. Google has restricted this permission in newer versions of Android the name of Security and Battery Life.

I would question the app you are using as it may not be a good app or has not been updated for th newer versions of Android. I suggest SignalCheck here:

Also, the old Legacy Phones used CDMA (Sprint). The new pones mainly use GSM (Tmobile) so you will have different coverage.

On the new G5, in the R.W. app, under Settings, About, what is listed as SIM Type?


@jamesw.xr4s4y Are you still having this issue?


I cannot find “SIM type” anywhere. Can you lead me to that information.
Thank you.
I did find that the signal strength is -115db which sounds bad.


Is the new phone a G5 or an E5?


it is an e5


sorry, it is an e4


sorry again. today i have an e5 play. an e4 is on the way to replace it


The E5 Play is a GSM only phone, and therefore this coverage map applies: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless What does coverage in your area look like?


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