SIM Backorder - ETA?


Any ETA on SIM Backorders? Seems like it has been a problem all month, now that I look at it. It would be nice if it were stated on the page when purchasing; I wouldn’t have paid for expedited shipping if I knew it could be a few weeks.


the SIM came back in stock just before Christmas


I placed an order earlier today and received a backorder email.


Hi @jmg229!

Can you wait until it comes back in stock? Is this urgent? Due to the new plan structure, the demand is very strong for new SIM cards. Thus, it is currently on backorder and/or OOS on other retailers.



No more urgent than a phone upgrade would typically be (which is to say, not very, though I’d love to confirm that the phone I have will in fact work when I can still return it). As I said, it would be nice if this were noted when you make the purchase, as I wouldn’t have paid the premium for shipping in hopes of getting this before the new year.

In a prior, similar thread, a community manager chimed in with a status update that indicated less than a 1-2 week delay; just trying to get a sense of what the situation is.


The community manager is responding currently :wink: .


Hi @jmg229,

I apologize that you received a back-order E-mail after placing your order. While not the best news, the good news is that the content of the back-order E-mail is static - it is not updated each time a different item goes on back-order. In this case, the anticipated shipping date for the SIM cards is Friday, not the two week worst-case scenario given in the E-mail.


in stall the republic app and it should tell you if the phone is not compatible
also post the model number and we can look it up or look here Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help


Sorry, I went ahead and hit the reply button since you seemed very eager for the info I was typing.

I understand you want to have time to test the phone while you can still return it. How much a window do you have?


I have a few weeks, so shipping on Friday will be totally fine. The worst case scenario of 2 weeks would’ve made me nervous.

Thank you for the info; it’s exactly the update I was hoping to find here.


Hi @jmg229,

It looks like the back-ordered SIM cards have shipped. Did you receive an update with a tracking number?


For what it’s worth, I did. Email with tracking information received at 3:16 this morning. :slightly_smiling_face:


I did get one this morning. Thank you.


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