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I just got a brand new Bring Your Own phone, a Moto G5 Plus. It takes the smallest SIM card. You sent me the SIM card. I popped it out, with some difficulty. When I tried to insert it in the SIM card tray on the phone, (1) I didn’t know which side was up. There are no “gold contacts”. And (2) It didn’t snap into place. It just sort of sat there, slightly too small for the tray. If I turned the tray over as your instructions say to do, the SIM card just fell on the floor.

Nevertheless I slid the tray into the phone, and it powered up, so apparently I got the correct side up and it didn’t fall out of the tray into the innards of the phone, to be lost forever. But it makes me nervous. It seems like if I dropped the phone or even jarred it, the SIM card would be jarred loose or something.

Now I have no idea how to “activate” the phone. It walked me through a couple of steps - logging into my gmail account, tranferring my contacts and a few apps. But nowhere did it give me the opportunity to port my phone number from my old Motorola Republic Wireless phone to this new one.

I also have no idea how to update the OS. The new phone has Android 7.0. I’m supposed to be able to update it to Android 8.0. But when I tried to update the OS, it said that no new updates are available.

Your sim card should be fine. I don’t have that particular model phone, but do agree that the sim card can seem loose. However, it’s always stayed put and worked.

To activate your new phone, you will first need to download the Republic Wireless App from the Google Play store. Once you open the app, it will walk you through the activation. Here is a great walk-through from Republic Wireless for activating your card:

If you prefer something text based, Republic’s activation guidance is here: Activate Your Phone – Republic Help .

sigh The SIM card isn’t just slightly too small. It just sits there in the tray. There’s not even an indication of which way is up and which way is down, which way is right and left. No little notch or corner cut out or anything. On the other hand, the mid-sized SIM card was too big.

So I’ve put it in both ways - with the side that looks like a jigsaw puzzle facing up, and with the other side facing up. In both instances, the phone doesn’t seem to recognize it. At the top of the screen there’s a thing scrolling across that says “No SIM card - emergency calls only”. And when I start up the Republic Wireless app, it prompts me to purchase a SIM card from Republic. It’s not seeing the one I already have inserted. It says, “If you already have a Republic SIM card, please insert it into this phone now to get started.” Unfortunately it’s already inserted.

The problem with all this - or one of the problems - is that I have only 14 days to return the phone, and 7 days have already elapsed. The SIM card took 6 days to arrive.

Hi @johnw.5bubq2

The sim should have a little notch. it’s small tho!
This shows the sims with notch facing up with the "jigsaw’ side. Installing your sim card

This link should tell you how the sim sits into your Moto G5 plus. moto G 5 Plus sim

(here is the part you’re probably gonna want)
2. Put in the SIM card with the gold contacts facing up. Put in an optional microSD card on the tray’s back with the contacts facing down.


Thank you, Theresa. The smallest SIM card had no notches. None. The two larger sizes had notches, but not the smallest one. Not a notch. Nada. But that said, I just kept inserting the SIM card in various positions until it finally was identified.

So now the new phone is activated. I’m sure I’ll have lots more questions. Already this new phone seems to be dropping calls; I can’t hear the other caller; it doesn’t recognize my Bluetooth device, only the ones in some apartment near mine; and Google Voice on this new phone isn’t worth a ■■■■. My Moto G3 was a far better phone. For three years I had nary a problem with it, until the speaker went out about a year ago.

But anyway, in this ■■■■ which is life in the high-tech age, this particular problem seems to be solved. And I thank you. You Republic community members are the best!

Oh, I see it bleeps out “dmn" and "hll”. Good grief! :frowning:

Oh, and Super T. Thank you, too! I didn’t see that you were a different person!

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

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