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I don’t understand SIMs. Have a Gen 1 Moto G. Will get a new phone now from either Republic or bring a compatible one. Are all newer Republic phones “clean” and need SIMs to function? Is there any storage left, or is the card simply for OS., so it doesn’t matter? Please enlighten. Thanks.

SIMs are a link to the networks (needed for GSM and LTE networks as CDMA do not us SIMs and that is why your Moto G1 st does not have one)
Legacy phones that have LTE will have one but they link to the phone and only allow a activated CDMA phone to access the LTE cell network as the phones are activated using the MEID

3.0 can be either GSM (T-Mobile) or CDMA (Sprint)
for GSM the SIM is the link to the networks and not the phones (meaning one could switch phones by swapping the SIM between them) for CDMA phone is activated via the MEID and SIM is need to access the LTE network and link to the phone (like Legacy phones)

for more information on CDMA, GSM, and LTE please see this post


The SIM card in the new phones is what mates them with the carrier. No impact on memory.


Hi @randyj.xnvkoo!

The SIM in your G1 is built into the phone. It’s non-removable. The newer Republic phones require a SIM in order to connect to one of Republic’s partner networks. The only thing that can be stored on a SIM is your contacts and you don’t even need to do that as all your contacts will sync with your Google account. Again, All the SIM does is point and allow your phone to access one of Republic’s partner networks. What do you mean by “clean”? Are you referring to the IMEI number? If so, All phones bought new have clean IMEIs . I hope that helps!



Thanks. That helps.


That technically isn’t true. The provisioning of the phone to the CDMA network is built into the phone. For CDMA, the SIM is there for LTE on the legacy phones. The Moto G 1st gen isn’t capable of LTE so there is no need for a SIM card.


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