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with out information request above here are generic answer

changing phones by Swapping SIM is only a GSM feature

also if the word “Republic” on the SIM is 2 town grey/green then it’s a GSM SIMcard

a deactivated SIM is only good for 20 days

all Legacy phones SIM need to stay with the Phone they cam in

the phones that work on CDMA (and which type of SIM is need) can be found in the following list

I currently use a Moto g4 phone. I have purchased a new Moto g6 Play phone. Will I be able to use the CDMA SIM card from the G4 in the new phone or purchase a new one?

No you can not

swapping phones by SIMs is a GSM Feature

all BYOD must first activate on GSM

the Moto G4 uses a cSIM for CDMA network
while the Moto G6 Play needs a OTASIM for CDMA network
(the CDMA partner forced the usage on a newer sim)

Did you buy the G6 play from RW or third party?

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I bought it from Amazon

I would recommend that you open a help ticket. As an existing RW member… I doubt they would make you bear the cost of another SIM card. However as @drm186 noted above if you bring your own phone (BYOP) then you do have to activate first with a GSM card. I would hope that RW would send you this SIM card for no additional cost and then a CDMA card to move you over to CDMA coverage on the new Moto G6 play.

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Thank you very much for your help. I will open a help ticket and work out the details with Republic.

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Thank you

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