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Do I need a new Republic SIM card to go from a Moto X4 to a G7?

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Why would I have a CDMA card instead of a GSM card? I thought all Republic SIM cards were GSM now.


No, they also offer CDMA SIMs for most phones.

A little more info that can help:

Are you looking at getting the G7 from Republic or would it be a BYOP?
If you’re getting it via Republic it will come with a SIM installed.
If you’re looking at a BYOP, this should help to make sure it’s a model that will work with Republic :wink:

Is there a difference in performance or reliability?

Cellular coverage attached to a GSM Republic SIM is different from coverage attached to a Republic CDMA SIM. Republic’s GSM coverage is provided through its partnership with T-Mobile. Republic’s CDMA coverage is provided by its partnership with Sprint.

In many areas, GSM and CDMA coverage is more or less equivalent. In some areas, one partner’s coverage may be superior to the other’s Active GSM SIMs move from phone to phone. Active CDMA SIMs do not.

So, the answer to your initial question depends upon which SIM type your Moto X4 is provisioned with?

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During my experiences with the My Choice plan I have found T-Mobile cell data speeds much faster.


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