SIM card conveniently quit working

What phone do you have?
Samsung Galaxy 8
What plan are you on?
My Choice
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
My Choice with data

Issue Description

We have been with Republic for many years. Every so often I have needed a new SIM card because mine quits working and my calling, texting and phone functionality seizes. It has been 10 months with this new SIM card and it conveniently has quit working right after the new roll out. I was told on the phone support today that the only option I have is to create a new account and switch to the new plan. They said it doesn’t matter that I want to stay on the My Choice plan for the time being. I have to do this to make my phone work again. I have always been happy with Republic and have never complained even though the SIM card issue has happened to me multiple times and my phone doesn’t always communicate nicely with my friends phones. I would like a new SIM card for the My Choice plan sent to me. If that isn’t an option, we are leaving Republic. I don’t even care if I pay more money. At this point, it’s about honoring your loyal customers.

Opening a new account and getting a 5.0 SIM card may not even solve the problem. My 5.0 SIM arrived Monday and I still can’t activate it and they don’t know why.

That part is really cause for concern.

Hi @theresam.6nyu9v

Having SIM cards just suddenly stop working, repeatedly, is a very unusual situation. Would you like to try troubleshooting the issue you’re having with the Community to see if someone might be able to help?

I’m very sorry that we’re no longer able to activate My Choice SIM cards. Is there a reason you prefer the My Choice plan to the exact same pricing structure on the 5.0 plan, but with a 50% discount for a second line?

This has happened to me multiple times over my years with RW and with my different phones, too. I opened a help ticket and was told to do this

Today my phone log went blank again and I was unable to make outgoing calls. I restarted my phone and it began working again. This is how it has happened all the times previously. What will happen next is that restarting the phone won’t fix the problem and my phone will no longer function until I’m given a new SIM card. What suggestions might others have for me if this isn’t considered a normal problem? (even thought this has happened to me many times over the years)

Well that sounds terrible. Any luck yet?

I truly don’t know, though I was hoping that if you described the behavior, someone would have an idea. It is very perplexing that this happens to you often enough that you know the drill, but it’s not something we regularly see.

Do you live in a particularly humid, dry, cold, or hot climate? Do you work in an environment where the phone is exposed to dust or moisture?

Have you tried cleaning the contacts on the SIM card gently with a soft eraser when this happens?

Sometimes our Help Team sends SIM cards as an easy troubleshooting step because it is a cheap, effective solution. That doesn’t always mean it’s the only solution, and since you see the problem recur, that would suggest that perhaps it’s not.

I hope you’ll consider trying our 5.0 plan, since the carrier is different (and so the SIM card is different), but if the timing of all our changes and the recurrence of this issue are problematic for you, a lack of faith in continuing with us at this time is certainly understandable. We’re here to help if we can.