Sim card cost ? Shouldn't this be free

I have been with Republic since the beginning. I wanted to add a 2nd line for a Moto G6. Went on line to get a sim card and to my surprise the cost was $5.00 dollars and $4.00 Shipping. When I switched from a Nexus to a Pixil, they sent the sim card for free. What’s up with the charge. Shouldn’t is be free

there is cost to SIMs and lot of carriers have a default cost
$5 is a lot for one though (and other than sales ) it’s always been that $5 + $4 shipping

one can get the BYOD SIM from Amazon currently $1 with Prime


Wow, I guess Ii just wasted $9

To give you an idea. T-Mobile sells theirs for $10, AT&T $5, etc…


I still think it is outrageous. Especially the mailing fee of $4. The thing could be put in a envelope with a stamp. Republic is supposed to be the better choice alternative to other carriers because of lower fees

Me too! Can’t believe it’s on Amazon for $1

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The cost of “shipping” include things like warehousing, tracking, etc. The packaging of the SIM makes it much more than the cost of a stamp, even if just “put in an envelope”.

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I don’t needing tracking. As I said, I have received a sim card from republic before At No Charge when I changed from at Nexus to a Pixil. The first one came crushed, the 2nd was OK. A simple envelope would had sufficed.

Unfortunately companies can’t base their operation on what a single customer is willing to accept nor on a 50% loss rate of mailings. This is why companies have entire logistics departments. (And there are entire companies that do nothing but logistics). It’s easy to say “a simple envelope would have sufficed” when dealing with a quantity of one. It’s a whole other thing when dealing with warehousing, logistics partners, carriers, an an entire customer/prospect base.

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