SIM card died - help!

Hi, I’m still on the old unlimited 3G plan (version 1.0 perhaps?) Bought Moto G 3rd gen in 2016 while Republic was still selling them. I believe it was the last phone model they had that still supported the legacy plan.

Now my SIM card died and the phone can no longer see it. Restart doesn’t help. The message is “No SIM card - Emergency calls only”.

I submitted the ticket; still waiting for response from Republic. What are my options at this point? Is there any way to keep the legacy plan? Thank you!

sometimes all it takes is to power off the phone and remove the sim
sometimes clean it
put it pack in
and power up the phone
and it works…

have you tried that yet?

Hi TheDoctor,

Yes, I tried all that already. Restarted several times, pulled SIM card, cleaned, put it back… No luck.

Work with Republic support if it’s just a SIM card failure they will issue you another

If it’s a phone issue the only way to keep the plan would be with another Legacy phone on the Used market (I recommend Swappa but eBay has been known to have them also)

Thank you for your suggestions. It just occurred to me that I should be able to test if it’s a SIM card issue or a phone issue! I still have a couple of old Republic phones around: MotoX 1st and 2nd gen, and Moto G 1st gen. They’ve been deactivated, but I can pull one of those SIM cards and test whether or not my Moto G3 can detect them.

The Legacy SIM cards are link to the phones they are in and may not be recognized by other Legacy phones

I would work with Republic support (how long since the ticket issued? is you phone working for cell calls on the 3G network? (SIM is just for access to the 4G LTE network) )

The ticket has been submitted on Saturday night.

There’s no calling, texting, or data on cell at all. I’m confused by your last statement (“SIM is just for access to the 4G LTE network”). If this were the case, then the phone would work on the legacy plan (which is 3G by deault) whether or not the SIM card is there? What am I missing?

not sure where u r but

you had no response from the ticket since Saturday night? please check here Tickets | Republic Wireless
can we get the ticket number (we may be able to get someone to tag it for a followup

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Correct, no updates since I submitted the ticket. See details below. Thanks!

Ticket ID: #1427646 Updated: Jul 7, 2018 9:54 PM


Hi everybody. A quick update: Republic sent me a new SIM card, but my phone still doesn’t “see” it. Everything looks exactly as before. :thinking:

So I need to move to Plan B. Which is to transfer the number to my old MotoX G2. Will someone please point me to the right document or article on how to do this?

Again, here’s what I have:

  • faulty Moto G3 on ver 1.0 plan (unlimited talk + text + 3G data)
  • working deactivated MotoX G2 from Republic Wireless
  • need to transfer my number from the former to the latter and keep ver 1.0 plan


to reactivate a Moto X2 one would go though the Republic app on the phone being activated and go though the steps (login to your account and select the line of the phone being replaced)

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Thank you! That’s it? I vaguely remember this places me into the ver 2.0 plan, which I need then to change back to the ver 1.0 by opening the ticket. Does this process still work the same way? I don’t want to lose the legacy plan by switching phones.

Also, should I factory-reset the MoroX gen 2? (And how?)

Thanks again!

as it was your phone the factory reset is not necessary but instructions are in the link

Hi, Republic tech support told me they need to send me a new SIM card in order for me to reactivate my old phone. Which means I’m completely screwed up, because I’m traveling for the next 2 weeks (leaving tonight), and my phone won’t be working!

Is this correct that I need a new SIM card? This is my own old Republic Wireless phone, Moto X2, that I’d like to reactivate, and it has the original Republic SIM card in it. Why do I need a new card? Please help!! Thanks

A Moto X2 that still has its original SIM does not require a new SIM. Generally, it’s a matter of connecting the X2 to WiFi, starting the Republic app, then following onscreen prompts. Republic’s guidance is here: Activate Your Phone – Republic Help. Please scroll to the " Activate a Phone on Our Republic Refund (2.0) Plans" heading.

Perhaps, the Republic agent you’re in communication with is thinking the phone you wish to reactivate is one of Republic’s newer phones, in which case a new SIM would likely be required.

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